Smokin Deal on today

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by theredlines, Aug 9, 2009.


    only 20 bucks and 5 bucks shipping. Woot kicks butt as far as good deals and I fured in case someone needs an extra thermometer.....not a bad deal
  2. you beat me to it. i can't vouch for the thermometer because i don't have that model but that is a good woot!
  3. Was just thinking the same thing. Good thing I searched first.
  4. It appeared to be very similar to the Oregon Scientific ones that work so well for me, so I bought 3 just after midnight.
  5. woot is part of my daily "must check" websites.
  6. Looks like a cool site. Too bad they don't ship outside the US... Great site for an impulsive deal hunter like myself too...
  7. Sorry! Wrong thread!
  8. The guy at the BBQ place where I bought my ET73 said if the tip hits a hot grate or they go over 400* they're shot. Contact Elizabeth at Maverick customer service
    the email I reached her through was
    [email protected]

    address it to her and hopefully you'll get her to personally respond.

    Good luck. I'm impressed with their customer service
  9. I have this model thermometer and it works great! Haven't had the problem of the remote losing the signal as sometimes happens with my dual prob thermometer


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