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    So this is my second attempt at any form of sausage and I think it turned out better than I could have expected. I followed NEPAS' lead and do have to tell you that the tang in these (from the buttermilk) is amazing. Not to mention the overall spice and texture. The only thing I did a little different than what was listed below is I added about 3/4 lb of high temp cheddar as well as 3/4 lb of high temp pepper jack into a double batch of smokies. Oh and I cut the cayenne in half and replaced it with my own Chipotle powder. 10 pounds coming up!  Happy Smoking, Smokin - K  

    For a 5 lb batch you will need.

    4 lbs lean beef

    1 lb ground pork

    1 tsp cure #1

    2.5 Tbs non iodized salt. I used pure salt for sausage makers.

    2 oz dark brown sugar

    1 Tbs cayenne or more to taste

    1/2 Tbs white pepper

    2 1/4 Tbs dextrose

    1 Tbs granulated garlic

    1.5 Tbs ground mustard

    2 Tbs onion powder

    1 Tbs ground coriander

    1/3 cup water (mix cure into this)

    3/4 cup buttermilk

    17-19mm collagen casing

    Here's the line up of spices and such...


    Safeway had a BOGO sale on Ranchers Reserve Beef and Bottom Round Steaks (7.75 lbs) (whatever the heck that is) I think its a fancy way of saying cheap steak.... Plus a small 3 pound chunk of Shoulder / Butt...  


    High temp cheese chopped up a little finer for these sticks. 3/4 lb of both...


    Pre mixing... I had to separate the ground meat to two different bowls as I tottaly forgot about my bacon tubs down stairs...


    After mixing


    Pump it!


    Into the fridge for a rest overnight to allow the butter milk and dextrose to do their thing.... Oh if your wondering that is a Manhatten on the rocks..


    Bear View


    Ready for one hour with no smoke at 100 degrees...


    With my AMZPS I start the hickory a rollin'


    This is about 3/4 of the way through.. Started at 120* smoker temp and bumped it up 10* every half hour until I peaked at 180.. My smoker holds awesome at low temp and the widely used 225* higher temps but has trouble between 150 and 200.. So I babied this along. Was able to keep a range between 175 and 190*... Thank goodnees for beer and the love of smoke!


    Pulled once the IT got to 156*. I added a water bath at about the half way point as they started to look a little dry.


    Let bloom outside on a drying rack... Cooled relatively fast on top of that cold stainless steel table. I flipped them every few minutes until cooled down. I brought them inside after about a half hour to finish blooming at room temp before vacuume sealing them up... I love my new Darth Vador looking BBQ gloves...


    The little guy didn't make it very long... Mmmmmmm Good!


    Wall O' Smokies!


    Packaged up and in the freezer now... Yes My name is Kean and those are Keen shoes I'm wearing! LOL!


    What a fun project...
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    This really looks great it is like your name the smoking king [​IMG]
  3. smokinal

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    Awesome, the recipe sounds great. I haven't tried cheese in my sausage yet, but I will very soon.

    Thank-you for a great thread!
  4. smokin - k

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    Thanks Ahron... I think the only thing I would do differrent next time would be just to make more.... LOL!

    Thanks Al... I've been wanting to try a sausage with cheese for a while now... My bucket list is getting smaller... Who am I kidding! With the amount of projects / idea's on this forum I will never be complete! Happy Smoking, K
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    looks great..................nepas is the king..............[​IMG]

  6. nepas

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    You did really good.

  7. raptor700

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    Great job K, you can't go wrong with nepas recipes

  8. smokin - k

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    Thanks guys...! My coworkers are raving about them now... Can't wait for my next sausage run.... Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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