Smokers, Whats your age and how long have you been smoking???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by abokol, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. talan64

    talan64 Meat Mopper

    I'll be turning 50 later this year.

    Was a long time griller but when I needed a replacement for my last gas grill, I wanted to try something different, so I bought a pellet pooper. That was 3 years ago, and I have not looked back. When I decided I wanted something to grill on, I bought a Lodge cast iron Hibatchi, since it just my wife and I at home these days.
  2. ishbbq

    ishbbq Fire Starter

    I'll be 51 in September and I have been smoking for 8 years now. [​IMG]
  3. I turned 62 back in March, got my first 55 gal split barrel griller/smoker when I was 15, Hector was just a pup.

    Been seeking the truth in the TBS ever since. 
  4. pops6927

    pops6927 Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Well, I was brought up over the smokehouses and on cold winter mornings loved waking up to a cloud of smoke in our room!  But actually participating in smoking wasn't until 8 or so, when me and my brother got the job of tending to the smokehouses every 30 minutes, tossing crushed corn cobs into the burning pan over the propane burners under the smokehouses when we were not in school.  It was pretty cool because we got to watch the corn boll worms come out as they started to get fried!
  5. kadoka

    kadoka Smoke Blower

    I am 59 years old and have been smoking here and there for around

    30 years. I still remember my first attempt at it too. It was a tray of  fresh

    Lake Michigan smelt that I put in the smoker for around 6 hours. When I finally

    took them out I dropped a few and they shattered like fine china.Because of

    this website I have learned more, and done more than I ever would haved

    thought possible. Thanks to all!

  6. I will be 78 in Aug. Got my first smoker in Jan. Really enjoy this forum and it's membrs.
  7. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    59 years young. Learned grillin' from my ol' man who would get things going then hand me the spatula and say "don't let it burn."

    Started cooking for roommates in school because I hated doing the dishes. "I cook, you clean. No clean, no food for you."

    My wife has always loved that I enjoy cooking. Not a holiday goes by that she hasn't bought me something to cook with. She got me into smoking last August and I haven't stopped since. No plans to either.

    Smoking must trigger some primal instinct because I've never enjoyed cooking as much as I do when I fire up the smoker.
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  8. I am 48.  Been grilling for almost 30 years, got my first smoker (Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain vertical propane) when I retired from the USAF in 2005 as a gift from my brothers and sisters.  Worked it hard for 8 years before I got a Yoder YS-640 pellet pooper last September and gave the GOSM to a neighbor.  First post, BTW, glad to be here.
  9. knifebld

    knifebld Smoking Fanatic

    39 and been smoking every weekend for the past 3 months LOL....still lots to learn! :)
  10. 39 and been smoking in an actual smoker for a year.  Used to do it in the BBQ.  Should have bought an actual smoker years ago!  BEST THING EVER!!!!!!
  11. cellgirl99

    cellgirl99 Newbie

    Hi everyone my name is Megan. I'm 40 and have been smoking a year. I smoke on a WSM 22". I live in Ohio (go bucks).
  12. Good Morning everyone , I'm 51 Technically I been smoking for 6 months but I have been doing whole hogs for over 30 yrs . I maybe wrong but I don't consider doing whole hogs smoking because your heat source is under your meat even though it's low and slow.
  13. dcarch

    dcarch Smoking Fanatic

    There are many group pictures here for many local member meets.

    You will get a better idea of members' age spread. 

    There are many people who feel age is a privacy issue.

    It's like asking "how heavy are you?"

    Just MHO.

  14. 6'1 and 205[​IMG]
  15. barnold

    barnold Smoke Blower

    I'll hit my threescore and ten in August - still kickin', just not as high!

    I've been grilling since I was a teen in the late 50s.  Got my first smoker (Brinkmann) in 1994 on which I did some decent beef brisket and really good turkeys.  Around 1999, I got a New Braunfels Silver Smoker to replace the Brinkmann and give me more cooking space.  During that period, I was doing more pork ribs and butts than anything else.  Last year, I bought an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn for a bit more cooking space and larger firebox.  A couple of months ago, I had a welding shop add a deflector between the firebox and cook chamber along with cutting tuning plates.  Pork ribs are my primary cook, largely because we end up having to share a lot of them!  I also cook turkeys, pork butts, and recently did a beef brisket for the first time in years, but need to develop that a bit more.
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  16. 28, been smoking for 6 years.

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  17. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    62 now.  Around 36 years.
  18. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    53. Been grilling since I was a teen, got into smoking about 4 years ago. Haven't looked back.
  19. na na

    na na Fire Starter

    Just turned 38, and have been smoking for a little over a year.  have to admit that I am completely obsessed.  Best gift my wife ever got me!!!
  20. lemans

    lemans Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Started smoking last year. I will 60 in august

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