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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by two much smoke, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. two much smoke

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    I want to get a smoker but they are few and far between here in Canada. My daughter lives in Buffalo and would pick one up for me but she cannot find one.

    I would like a
    Great Outdoors™ Smoky Mountain Series™ Propane Gas Smoker

    Does anyone know where to get one in the Buffalo area?

    Thanks all help is appreciated.
  2. Tell her go check at a Wal-mart store. I got mine at the walmart website and had it delivered free to the closest store near me last Xmas. Darn nice smoker.
  3. smokingscooby

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  4. gnubee

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  5. fred420

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    sears (kenmore) says an exact knockoff of the gosm for about $140.00 if i remember right...
  6. fred420

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    check and look at kenmore vertical smoker-$160....
  7. rob989_69

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    Gander mountain in Rochester has them. Not sure of the price. Really, your best bet would be to shop online though. You can find places where shipping is pretty realistic.

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