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  1. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has ordered any plans from them. And if so, how'd it turn out?

    Curious because I just scored a 100lbs propane tank and a 30lbs tank as well for only $20 and I am eager to get building. Thing is, I have zero experience or ability so I have to seek out a welder to take this on. I spoke with one fella who has been welding many,many years and is very experienced however he has never built any smoker at all let alone a reverse flow off set.

    Question is if I order the plans from and handed them over to an experienced welder would he be able to put this together quite easily?
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    Plans of some of the finest smokers ever built are free on this forum.....
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    If I was going to build a RF the 2 things I would do is..... 

    1. study up on the RF builds on here.You can start rite now studying no need to order a plan book

    2.Get my welder if I needed one to sign up to this forum and study the RF builds on here.

    This forum has more info then any Planbook you will ever buy.Also some great people that will answer any questions and follow your build with backup support with a few jabs and heckles to make it fun.

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  4. Thanks everyone. I'll see if I can get him to sign up to the forum. I am super eager to get this project going. Really want to get at least a couple of cooks on it before summers end. I'll find my way to the search bar and start getting to some research.

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