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  1. I have a Master Forge 2 door propane upright smoker. The bottom door is to make chip replacement when needed without losing all the heat in the top. Anyone with experience with these?
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    Sorry you didn't get a prompt answer.  I don't use one of those, but hopefully this will get someone's attention who does.
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    I have one, and several guys here, what's the Q?
  4. Thanks to SMF guys I have added a gasket to the doors of my smoker. Used a Rutland Grapho-Glas 1/4"

    rope type gasket & Rutland heat resistant.adhessive. Also put talc. pwder. on the outside so the gasket

    so it would not stick to the frame of the smoker. Makes the door harder to close, but sealed good.

    I found the gasket at a Mom & Pop (we have everything there is) type of hdwe. store. Was not carried

    by Lowe's Hdwe. Don't know about Home Depot. You could probably order from Rutland. So far so good,

    & hope it will help others.
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    I have one and will be glade to help you out if I can

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