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  1. Hi everyone I recently herniated a disc in my back. I've been using the WSM w great success but due to my injury I need to find something a little more user friendly. Does anyone have any recommendations? Ive heard the horizontals/offsets require many mods and don't produce good results so I'm a bit leery. Just want something that cooks well and requires less bending over/lifting. Thanks in advance everyone!
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  3. Thanks! I'm sure that would be easier but I still want to stay true and use charcoal/wood. The offsets always get bad reviews and make me nervous but seem easier to use
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    Couldn't you just build a simple stand or two for the WSM?
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    A stand of some sort for your WSM would probably be the easiest, I'm not sure as I haven't ever seen one except in pictures.  I haven't seen a smoker that won't put out good food, just some require more work and babying along than others.  Be warned, from everything I've read, that if you move from a WSM, which is almost a set it and forget it smoker, that whatever you go to will probably require more work during the cook than you are accustom to now.

    As for the horizontals, don't let a couple of mods scare you away.  I've cooked on the cheapest model in Home Depot or Lowes and the food still comes out good.  The most you are probably looking at would be a baffle, tuning plates and coal basket.  Possibly, depending on the model, some gaskets for the doors.  These can be done with minimal additional cost and thought out ahead of time can be built in when assembly takes place.  Assembly of these would probably be harder on your back than cooking several times with the WSM, so try to find some help if you go this route.

    Have you walked into one of the local stores and checked the heights of the cooking chambers and fire boxes?  You will definitely be feeding the fire box on long cooks in a horizontal.  If you post what you're looking at picking up local (so maybe you can get the floor model and save some assembly pain) I'm sure someone here can tell you what kind of mods you will probably want to make in the beginning.
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    I use my mini WSM on a table or concrete bench and it's the perfect height.
  7. I have the big 22" model so it's pretty bulky but a stand may help..other then bending over to tend the Fire the other issue is taking it all apart to dump out the ashes afterwards. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal but it's awkward with the bad disc. I've been thinkng about adding wheels at least so I don't have to move all the pieces Individually when I take it out of the garage.

    thanks for the info everyone, any other thoughts are appreciated!

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