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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonh, Oct 25, 2015.

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    So I used the smoker on a cold day(40deg)  outside temp and it was windy. Whats the best technique for keeping the temp up I had to constantly stoke the coals and I  re-loaded the coal using the chimney starter.
  2. joe black

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    I don't know what type or size cooker you have, but you can place some kind of wind block around it or wrap it in a welding blanket. There are other methods that others will surely share also. Good luck with it.

    You could always move your cooker into the living room where it's warm. If the wife doesn't like that, then I guess she has a decision to make. Don't worry, there are other women around that are more understanding.
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    40° is not that cold, it more likely the wind that was giving you the temp problems. Make a wind break or, if you are using an offset, turn the firebox intake toward the wind.
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  5. I Built an enclosure out of loose bricks and prop a piece of plywood in front of the door here when it gets cold. Last night it was more of the blowing wet snow that was causing me problems. 33 degrees and snow kinda sucks. My little fix usually works well below zero. I do like the idea of bringing the smoker inside though☺.
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  6. i have an enclosed carport (basically a garage without doors) i only had to move the smoker in there once last winter, when it was windy and around 12F and it worked great. but smoking in cold will eat more coals than smoking in warmer temps.
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    Keep it out of the wind - any sheltered area should be fine. If you have a welding blanket (or similar) to drape around it then this will also help to prevent too much heat loss through the smoker walls and save your fuel.

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