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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokininidaho, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Hi all, well I know I'm getting a Char Broil American Gourmet Deluxe smoker tomorrow for Christmas. I have a few questions, first off I was just going to season it with Pam veggie oil spray, I'd be willing to season with peanut oil (brush it on) or ? Does it make a difference? Next should I season the outside of the smoker? Finally should I season the fire box as I've heard the paint will peel off on the first burn and then of course the rust is next. Come spring I will sand and repaint the firebox with a high quality paint if needed. Would appreciate some advice from members that have had some success with the seasoning process.


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    Not familiar with that specific smoker but with my wood burner I used a can of the cheapest spray I could find.  I got the smoke chamber warm, sprayed it down and let it sit there for a while.  Actually with my Lang they recommended I get the smoker very hot the first time to burn out any misc oils and stuff left over from manufacturing. Then I cleaned it with a spray of water from a hose, let it come back to hot and repeated.  On the third heat up I let it get warn and then sprayed it with the veg oil.

    On the outside once I started getting a bit of rust I just keep a can of cheap solid veg shortening and rub down the rust spots whenever they start to develop.  The fire box is constantly burning through the treatment but it really isn't a problem just rubbing on some more every once in a while. 

    Enjoy your new smoker!
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    I to say use the cheapest spray oil that you can find for it's just to help with the seasoning of the smoker and really not anything else. Cheap or expensive its all doing the same thing.
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    Thank you for the advice.
  5. smokininidaho

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    Going to season tomorrow, do I season the inside of the firebox or just the cooking chamber and grates?
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    Just the cooking chamber & grates.
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    OK, thanks Al.
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    Well I had to wait until today to season but everything seems to be going fine, about 3 hours in now and the darn thing has hold temp very well. I did install 2 thermos at either end of the chamber and to my suprise it is holding within 15 degrees from one end to the other. I haven't extended the chimney yet and no tuning plates. Just used a cheap spray can of veggie oil to season and has a nice smell. Kept temp around 275 degrees. The way it seems now I will just add some firebrick at the stack end to try and keep temps even across the chamber and of course extend the chimney to the grate with some aluminum flashing as it's the only way to do it with this model (stack does not extend but maybe 1/8" or so from the hood). Thanks again for the advice. BTW I just used some cheap charcoal and some maple wood to season.

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