Smoker Saturday - Today's menu is TURKEY

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by christophcbv, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. christophcbv

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    Decided to do something different this weekend and smoke a turkey, even though there is no special occasion or anything like that on the horizon.  Who says you can't have a turkey any week or day, not this guy, its great any day. 

    Anyways, kept it simple.  Brined for 12 hours in a stock with onion mix, salt and pepper.  This am, added the dry rub, again kept it simple, paprika, garlic, onion and some oregano for something different.  Filled the cavity with apples, onion and lemon for some extra juice.  Also added a drip pan with stock, veg, etc to catch the juices of the turkey and hopefully try some gravy. 

    How's this all sound?  Its a 13lber, so gonna be here for a little bit.  
  2. christophcbv

    christophcbv Fire Starter

    Didn't realize how small it looked in my semi-new smoker lol...  bigger is better right? lol.
  3. that turkey looks good in that new smoker, i bet its gonna look alot better in 4-6 hours.
  4. sota d

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    Looks great! Off to a good start for sure. Keep the pics coming, thanks for sharing, David.
  5. christophcbv

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    2 hours in and I realized since I have the space, and a thawed beef roast, might as well prep it and throw it in.  Simple rub of garlic, montreal steak spice, salt and pepper with a dusting of homemade sauce towards and end and voila!!!
  6. christophcbv

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  7. christophcbv

    christophcbv Fire Starter

    So, its done a bit earlier than I thought...  I've wrapped it in foil and a towel, now its sitting in the oven.  In 45 min, I"ll prob turn the oven on low for 30 min after that to keep it warm.  Will that dry it out???
  8. timberjet

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    You should be ok since you have kept it intact it should be juicy.

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