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  1. OK, Here I go with more questions.... I mixed up a batch of brine solution for some chicken leg quarters (recipe posted by Tip Piper of Hillbilly Vittles) and I followed the recipe which made a LOT more then I needed.... Now,,,,,,, will this brine solution keep and for how long and under what conditions?? [​IMG]

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    Ok Larry - I moved this post from Roll Call  over to Chicken so you can get more responses 

    I would just freeze it as long as you did not stick the chicken in the whole batch. If you put the chicken in the whole brine, dump it. Some guys say you can boil it again but to me it is not worth the hassle  
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  3. No, I only put as much as I needed to cover the meat in the bag with a ladle.
  4. Great, I did NOT put the chicken in the whole batch of brine (contamination I do know about), so I will put the rest in the freezer till the next time. Thanks for the fast reply on this. I will surely be recommending this site to my smoker friends, the people here ROCK!! [​IMG]

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