Smoker Lining Ideas

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hangin meat, May 14, 2013.

  1. Hey everybody!

    Looking for some help on what to line my smoker with.

    Going to have a duel heat source, which includes a double propane burner.

    Interior dimensions 40x32, and really don't want to incur the price of fire brick (hate the evil eye of the wife)

    Needing some help with alternatives and also, do I need to cover the entire inside to thwart combustion, or just part of the way up the walls depending on burner height.

    Sheet metal, coil stock, metal roofing, cement board... all rolling around in my head...


  2. jirodriguez

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    Is this for cold or hot smoking, how big is it?

    I would stay away from anything pourous that can retain any bacteria and make you sick. Most folks start with something made of sheet metal or aluminum (old metal fridge, old locker, warming box, ect), then insulate the outside of said object.

    Regardless stay away from anything galvanized - it takes a lot of heat to off gas galvanized metal, but if it does reach that point it is very poisonus.

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