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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by monstah, Oct 4, 2007.

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    [​IMG]YIKES!!!! Here's a reason why you should only put FOOD in your smoker!

    Man's Leg Found In Smoker To Be Returned

    Buyer Of Smoker Had Wanted To Keep Leg

    MAIDEN, N.C. -- A South Carolina man who mistakenly lost his amputated leg when it was sold in a barbecue smoker at a public auction will get the appendage back, authorities said Wednesday.

    John Wood, of Simpsonville, S.C., had been battling to regain custody of the leg from Shannon Whisnant, who found the leg in the smoker he purchased at an auction of Wood's belongings last week, WXII-TV in Greenville, N.C., reported Whisnant had said he wanted to keep the leg if Wood wasn't willing to pay to get it back. The leg was being kept at a funeral home, the television station reported.

    Whisnant said he previously charged people to look at the severed leg.

    "It's mine, I want it back, I have a receipt," Whisnant said Tuesday.

    He said that if Wood cared about the leg, it wouldn't have been left behind in the smoker.

    Wood's leg was amputated three years ago after an airplane crash. He had been keeping the leg so it could be cremated with him when he dies.
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    You Made Me Look. Short Person I Think.
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    Looks like it would tase much better with Jeff's rub...

    We should get a "leg up" on that...

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    There went my appetite. [​IMG]
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    I would at least remove the toenails before smoking and there could not be much meat on those toes.
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    pigs and his dude hides his shortcut on his desktop from the rest of the community

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    unless you were going to try to smoke the leg, why in the would you have it in the smoker, i would think the deep freeze would be a better place.
    thes hind quarters, leg of lamb pigs and chickens feet and now leg of human. whats next?
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    long pork



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