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  1. Everybody has their own idea of what is the right way, I just expressed what I do and most of the pit makers recommend. The few things that come to mind is cleanliness and buildup. When you don't clean your smoker it gets built up CREOSOTE That makes whatever you smoke taste funny and is not good for you. Also, depending on how much you use your smoker the grease builds up all in the smoker. I have seen a couple catch on fire from buildup and no cleanings, not a pretty sight. Anyway, just my opinion, and what I and most of my friends do. Don't know if anyone ever died from eating stuff cooked in a smoker that was never cleaned. But I will never have to worry about that. Mine is always cleaned and smells great. You can go out right now and open the lid and get that great smoker smell. Never said anything about power washing or cleaning it down to the bare metal. Just spraying it out with the hose while hot, creates steam and washes away all the surface grease and stuff.
  2. OK I'll clean it tomorrow . Jhees you scared the hell out of me :~)
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    Go to Dollar General and get the grease cutter for about $2.98 for a half gallon then dilute per bottle

    and put in a spray bottle.  Let it stay on a little while minute or so then start wiping with paper

    towels--also does a great job on the racks.
  4. I have had a MES 30 for 7 months now and use it almost weekly. I clean the racks after each use along with the bottom pan and the water tray which I cover with heavy foil. I did scrape the sidewalls down last week to get some of the heavy buildup off but otherwise let it go for the smell effect.
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    I have a Big Green Egg and noticed recently that there was mold on both the plate and fire pit. I never used to cover it, but decided after rebuilding it that I'd treat it a little better and went out and bought an inexpensive cover. Looks like no good deed goes unpunished. Anyway, cleaned off the plate and let the fire box be since I figured the next smoking would burn it off. Anyone else notice this with a Big Green Egg??
  6. I clean my Smokin-It 2 electric smoker after every use. However, I am only cleaning my drip pan, shelves and wiping out the bottom after I remove the tin foil in the base. I'm getting a nice build up on the inside and am thinking maybe yearly or bi-yearly cleaning it a bit.
  7. I use just a safety blade when its about 100 deg.scrapes right off.and a towel for the sludge..
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    Seems the general consensus is to clean the drip pan and racks, but what if I smoke something fish.  I wouldn't want my next bacon to taste or smell fishy.  So, I was thinking of a washing with baking soda to absorb fish odors and maybe use my power washer to rinse it off.

    Good idea or not???
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    As long as there is no risk of chunks falling leave it alone. I clean the drip pan and the grates.
  10. I clean the grates after every smoke.  I have a window in my smoker and I clean that every 2-3 smokes and  I have found that rubbing alcohol cleans that up pretty easily.
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    But, how to get rid of a fishy smell??
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    Was fish the last thing you smoked in it? If so, maybe try running a batch of spicy sausage through it. Just a thought.
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    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable

    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable

    Haven't smoked fish in it yet, but am wanting to experiment with a few local varieties and maybe some salmon, but I wouldn't want to spoil future smokes with lingering fishy flavored bacon doesn't sound very good.
  14. I've never noticed an off taste, but then again, smoking is an excuse to drink beer! [​IMG]  I've had my MES30 for two years and only clean the grids and water pan. I use Grease Off, let 'em stand for a couple minutes, then hit them with a green scouring pad and rinse. Never noticed any build up. 'Course I;ve never looked either.


    p.s. I'm 68 and still living................. how much more proof ya need???[​IMG]
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  15. Easy way to clean the grill grates. Put them in the stove oven and run the cleaning cycle.
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    Another helpful tip- I purchased the $4 pack of wire wheels from harbor freight- the ones you can put in a drill.  Lets say even the most difficult grime comes off with ease on my expanded steel grates-  Otherwise i bought some welding wire brushes at harbor freight and give them a good scrub.  My walls are block so i don't scrub them any.  

    On my electric meco water smoker grated were like chrome (or whatever shiny metal )plated.  so i cleaned them with a grill block and soap.  did the same for the water pan.  My current build is just expanded steel that i wire wheeled clean so i like to keep it coated in oil to prevent rust.  I now treat those grates more like an cast iron skillet .  I have a foil pan i use for water-  which i clean dump out, wipe out (if any fat) and replace as necessary.

    and like most of us i give most things a shot of pam every now and then.  cept i use the dollar store off brand pam.
  17. I smoke salmon all the time and never have had a problem with fishy smell or taste on anything else.
  18. So I read some scary stuff about creosote build-up...but I also hear guys saying they get none.

    How do I know if I got creosote?!?!

    I have a SmokinTex 1400, so the steam-cleaning isn't an option. Do I want to get one of those propane weed burners? Or do I just want to relax a bit?
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    I'm a MES owner  and it has chrome racks.   Try spray coating the racks with a oven spray (oil) before you put the meat on it.   All I've had to do to clean the racks is use soapy hot water and a sponge and they come clean really easily.   Don't make it any harder than you have to.  
  20. I agree with you.. I use that same cleaning proses with my wood pellet stove to clean the glass it works great.

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