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    Hi people newby on here, I have a home made propane smoker with burner on the bottom, I can control heat very well between 130 and 350 degrees. I have a cast iron pan for chips. I put the chips in pan and cover with heavy foil with few knife slits in it. It will smoke good for very short time and that is it. I pull pan out and take foil off the chips are still there but are black like charcoal all the way threw . I have tried soaking chips and moving away from heat as well but still not much luck. Right now i have jerky in there at 155-160 degrees and struggling to get good light blue smoke. I hear people talk about their chip pans and they have ash in the bottom when done mine are perfect chips but black any ideas how to fix this problem. Im using hickory chips, Thanks for any help
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    Try using larger pieces of wood.
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    Do you smell smoke even if you don't see it?   As long as you smell smoke you are smoking.  I believe the chips are doing what they are supposed to do but because you don't see smoke you believe the chips are done. 
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    Sounds like its working according to the plan. Heated wood in the absence of 02 turns to charcoal. An old boy named Dan Gill teaches classes on how to make useable amounts. Just freshen it up occasionally..when it quits huffing and smelling good throw some more down in there. Try soaking chunks and leave off with the tin foil top. I try to keep jerky below 140 but just the way I was taught. Go buy yourself an Electrfied Brinkmann Gourmet and mount the bottom part along with the lava rocks in the smoker you got. Throw the gas burner in the trash. Trying to make jerky with propane sounds sorta crazy to us country
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