Smoker built from untreated pine or cedar safe??

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    Hello everyone,
    I was planning on building a small smoker out of pine or cedar for smoking at a temps of 150 to 200.F with the heat and smoke source love located at the base of the smoker but I am concerned about what wood to use if any. I've seen videos of smokers being made out of pine and cedar but wonder if these woods are safe to use and if they can handle the temperatures stated above. I've aso read on one thread that pine and cedar should only be used for cold smoking, while another thread stated that pine and cedar maybe used at higher temperatures and still others say to avoid both woods all together as these woods tend to be toxic when exposed to higher temperatures. So I am left to wonder who is right and who is wrong and can I build a safe smoker from these materials? Any info is appreciated, thanks.
  2. Ralph,

    I just finished a cedar/cinder block smokehouse and it performseems perfectly. I ran a couple burns of oak through it to season it and eliminate the cedar scent, but I've had no issues and great results.
  3. ​Ralph, I recently completed my smokehouse using western red cedar fence pickets from Home Depot and untreated spruce for the frame. I did use treated pine for the base plates to prevent rot. I have smoked something in this thing almost every weekend for several months and haven't noticed any foul taste or gassing off of the lumber. It has a very nice black coating now. I think seasoning it would definitely help.

    I just finished smoking some deer jerky and I think I'm gonna throw away my dehydrator!

    I hope you enjoy your smoker as much as I have enjoyed mine!

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