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  1. I just ordered my grids for smoker I plan on building. I plan on using 4x4 cedar for the four corners. cedar interior panels with insulation outside and a plywood exterior. Will I have any adverse problems with a cedar interior. I know I cant use pressure treated and the smoker will be in the open. It will have 4 grids of 24 3/8 x 14. Inside dimensions. will have 2 doors upper and lower with seperated fire/smoke box attatched with metal ductwork. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks and keep on SMOKIN!!!!!
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    For vents in the smoker, I would suggest forced air vents or foundation vents....  get the ones that have a damper that closes.... Install 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top.... Install them in the walls...   I would not install a vent pipe in the roof as condensate will drip on the food.... Like the white vent in the lower right....  They don't need to be to big for your size smoker.....


  3. I have some pics of my build. I still have to finish the exterior and roof. But it is up and running. I will be smoking some bacon and canadian bacon in about 2 weeks. So far I have spent 30 bucks on this thing. And I mean thing. All of the wood is reclaimed/recycled/repurposed.. I bought racks,and fire box. Everythiing else was laying around or found and repurposed. It has 3 inches of two part foam on three sides. 8 inches on top. there is a rack where smoke/heat come in and deflect off of a cast iron pan which was found in the garbage. I fill that with water so inside is not to dry. PVC pipe exhausts the smoke. I installed a valve to help control flow for cold smoking. I have run it for 6 hours at 90 degrees with a very steady temp. Then cranked up to 200 for another 6 hours. Was easy to maintain temp in both ranges.

  4. Update, I have to get more sealing rope to seal the fire box, loosing a lot of smoke/heat out of that, a temp seal revealed a much easier temp control and to heat unit up faster for hot smoking. Have not found anything to side it yet, still looking.

    [​IMG]   tasty mmmm
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    Good looking smokehouse!!! Can't wait to see it finished and putting out some Q!!!
  6. UPDATE......This is the first run through this thing!!! My second bacon smoke. The first time I did bacon I used apple wood, this time I used hickory. Got great color after smoke time, was 4.5 hours at 135 degrees. I  like apple wood better for bacon, my taste I guess. I use hickory for every thing else. The smoker took 1 hour to reach temp of 135 and maintain. Bacon was put in and smoked for 4 and a 1/2 hours. I only use Hickory logs and chunks. I prefer apple for bacon. My taste I guess....Here are the pics.... love to smoke,, 7 more days and canadian bacon going in.


  7. Forgot this pic....mmmmm bacon....Oh , and whats nice about this, you open door to check, it only looses about 10 degrees and the smoke. Insulation helps, cant wait for some siding....stay tuned

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