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    i have a 275 gallon drum i'd like to turn into a smoker. thinking of laying it on its side, instead of standing it up. originally i was going to use a 55 gallon drum for a firebox and connect them with a piece of stove pipe. but after reading another thread on here, i don't know if its going to work. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. aslo, where is everyone using for their cooking surface. 
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    This was once a 275 gal tank. If you ahve a welder i will make you a step by step on how i did it dont have many pic but i could make some sketches

    Basically I cut the flights out of the center use them for the Firebox welded the two half round sections back together cooker is 25 round by 58 long giving you a 25 by 58 cook top and a 58 inch long bar in the top to hang meats.

    I used 3/4 by 9 expanded metal and rebar for my cook tops
    As you can see under the butts hear

    And i know i have way to much exhaust lol
    But you could easly use this set up for reverse flow by putting a plate in the bottom and moving the exhaust to the other side
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