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  1. Hello folks. I am a retired Marine. The Marine Corps taught me to be an aircraft metalsmith & welder. From there I went into college and worked many years as a mechanical designer. I LOVE to BBQ.!!!   So, I do that all the time. In my spare time, I LOVE to use my lifetime of skills to build smoker rigs. This is my latest creation. I put a High level of detail in my work. Just take a gander.

    Heavy carbon steel 3" channel framework with expanded metal flooring. Frame is welded solid for complete structural integrity. The overall length of this trailer is 125' (Aprox. 10 ½ feet). The over all width of this trailer, including tire width is 78" (Aprox. 6 ½ feet).

    A-Frame Jack to provide maximum support and balance. This trailer has easy push-pull movement by one person. This trailer weighs in at 1,420 lbs and is balanced so that the operator can lift the tongue with one hand. 

    Full L.E.D light kit installed for maximum visibility at night as well as DOT reflectors all around. If the polished diamond plate doesn't catch their eyes, the lighting and reflectors surely will. 

    Custom polished 15" aluminum rims with brand new steel belted radials. 195/50/R15
    Even the fenders are adorned with highly polished aluminum diamond plate!

    Lets talk about the onboard, insulated, stainless steel interior cooler. This cooler is insulated! That means that your food will stay cool on trips and while you are cooking. It has 1" , sealed in, refrigeration foam insulation on every surface, plus the refrigeration seals on the two access doors. This cooler has 5.83 cubic feet of cold storage. That's huge. The inside is completely stainless steel and polished. This cooler has lift cylinders which assist in the opening of the two cooler doors, as well as holding the doors open for you. Just apply pressure downward to close these sealed cooler doors. This cooler is water tight around the base so that as your ice slowly melts, the cold water stays inside the cooler. There is a 1" ball valve located on the bottom of this cooler for emptying and cleaning purposes. Stainless steel latches keep your cooler closed tight while traveling. 

    (Open door picture only shows 3 cooking grates. There are four)

    Your professional grade smoker sports 16.625 cubic feet completely devoted to cooking. This measurement does NOT include the attached "hot box" area, which is an additional 5.36 cubic feet. The entire smoker and hot box are one complete unit. The exit vent for the smoke and heat is located on the left side of the chamber away from the heat source. The exit vent opening is below half way down inside the chamber. Heat rises when it enters the smoking chamber. In order to exit, the air must circulate to find it's exit. This keeps your smoke fresh, moving over your meat, and your temps throughout your cooker even. This unit is also insulated with 1200 degree, high temp insulation. This means that your temperatures will stay steady longer. You will be able to avoid costly jumps and drops in temperature. If you are cooking professionally, this means EVERYTHING!!! The insulation feature on this smoker also enhances the cookers ability to prepare food with no regard to weather conditions around the cooker. This smoker comes equipped with four stainless steel cooking racks. The widths between bars on the racks are below 1" across to support food better. Each cooking rack measures 20" x 28" of food supporting surface. This smoker is equipped with a Taylor thermometer, which is mounted on the side of the cooking chamber for accuracy in cooking temperatures. All handles and clamps on the smoker doors are stainless steel. The exhaust vent on this smoker is also, you guessed it, stainless steel. It pivots with spring-loaded pressure to adjust airflow. This exhaust is also shielded from weather by a mounted cover. At the base of the smoker door you will have a ¼" thick, stainless steel food prep surface that measures 60" wide x 17" deep. You will not likely do much of your food prep work here, but it sure is handy to have. Grease leaves this smoker through a ball valve located under the smoker chamber. It has a flex tube attached to be fed into a catch bucket. This apparatus has ZERO elbos or catch points for grease to solidify. If you do need to clean it, the tube removes with one flat head screw. The ball valve assy is easily assessable.

    At the front end of this trailer you will find something that almost every smoker trailer is missing, the gas grill. Ya, all professional smokers tell you they NEVER smoke their meat with gas, right? Well, how do you think they cook the beans or corn on the cob that goes with? They need a cook surface for that as well. This trailer is also equipped to do that. This is a Gourmet Chef, 26,000 BTU gas burner with an 8 ½" stainless steel support ring for any cooking pot/pan you would like to use. Of course this trailer also has the necessary storage mount for the appropriate gas tank. This gas burner tucks away neatly, under the custom aluminum diamond plate cover, as shown in the pictures. This cover is easily removed in seconds for use of the burner, but holds tight while traveling down the road.

    This trailer does it all. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will answer any questions asked in a timely manner. I would be happy to send detail photos of anything you would like to see closer.


    Thank you for your time and, Happy Smokin'

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