Smoker and probe placement for multiple butts

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  1. I have 4 butts I'm about to rub and get ready to put on tomorrow morning.  3 of them around just under 8.5lbs and the other is just over 9.5lbs.  I'm using a Napoleon Apollo so I have the 2 levels.  Should I keep the bigger one on the bottom and put the temp probe for monitoring in one of the smaller ones?  Or am I completely overthinking this and it doesn't really matter?


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    Problem is, all meat has a mind of its own... I've had a smaller roast take longer than a bigger one, are you gonna foil or ride out the stall ? I always have a temp probe for each butt when I'am smoking due to some will generally get done sooner than others... I've not had two get done at the same time personally... Do you have another temp ya can periodically check IT in the ones not probed (like a thermopen, thermowand or something else that's accurate) ?
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  3. I was planning on doing the foil then tossing them in a cooler for a bit once they're done.  I do have a thermopen style that is accurate.  I guess I'll just pick one to probe with the monitor and then periodically probe the others.  


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