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    Hey jbvj, did it sell?  I have one and don't need another but I'll put a pitch in for you if it is still available.  I still use mine all the time because it is such a fuel efficient way to smoke effectively.  I notice no taste difference between using the Smokenator/Weber Kettle and my WSM.

    Is it absolutely necessary?  No, but it works as an effective heat fence so all the heat goes vertical and circulates properly in the Kettle.  My Kettle is pretty air tight so when I choke it down at the end of a smoke the Smokenator often is still half loaded with charcoal I can use on my next smoke.

    Last night I had two 3.5 lbs tri tips I wanted to smoke.  Instead of firing up the 22.5" WSM and using say a light load of 7 lbs of KBB for a 90 minute to 2 hour smoke, I ashed over 20 briquettes in the chimney, then loaded three golf ball sized pieces of hickory in the Smokenator that was a little less than half full of previously used briquettes and wood.  I smoked the tri tips for almost two hours at 225-235F with a finish up to 260F to firm up the outside.

    I generally don't use the water pan but it works fine when wet smoking.

    For folks who own a Weber Kettle and want to learn to smoke, the Smokenator is a great way to have a combo grill and smoker.    
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    Thanks, but I have someone on their way to pick it up now. I used it to compare the difference in taste between using an electric smoker and charcoal. I had the electric smoker on Craigslist before the ribs were done in the electric and have never gone back. I did upgrade a couple different smokers since.
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    Congrats on selling it.  Always good to get some of your money back and help another person with the smokin' bug!

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