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  1. Ordered my smokenator last friday.  i think it will be hear by end of week.  only had my Weber 22.5 gold one touch a few weeks.  lovin it so far.  ive been cooking on an old weber smokin joe that is at least 20 years old i think. i got it well used in 96.  anyway, just wondering what the word is on the smokenator.  Does anyone like it ? Hate it? tips etc.
  2. IMO it's a great little tool to help convert the kettle into a very good little smoker.    I ended up making my own version but i'm sure you'll really enjoy the kettle...even more!
  3. I bought the smokenator a month ago and love it. I smoke every weeked!!! I've done ribs chicken and meatloaf. The only problem I have had is when I didn't follow recommended directions. Well worth the money!
  4. loving my smokenator!!

    the only prob i have is the natural briquettes i use (Maple leaf natural hardwood briquettes) burn quite fast.  im lucky if i can get 4 hours out of a load of coals.

    iv started light only 6 briquettes which helps a little.

    any suggestions out there?
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    This is an old thread but I'm a big Smokenator fan.  Started using mine in August 2013 and I've been smoking non-stop ever since!  If you can buy it at the grocery story meat counter, I've probably smoked it!

    The Smokenator a GREAT learning tool.  Outstanding for shorter smokes.  I've stopped using the water pan and can pretty much smoke anything I want between 200F and 350F, the range I've used so far.  I can easily control the target temp +or- 10F for an hour or longer using just the top vent, bottom vents full open.  I measure temp at the grill surface, not the top vent, but I do add a second probe at the vent if I'm smoking a tall or big cut of meat, like a turkey or several beer can chickens.

    Although I'm sure the Weber equipped Smokenator can be used as a set it and forget it, that's not been my experience.  It requires monitoring.  I feel confident leaving it for an hour or two, but not any longer.  A wireless thermometer is a big help.

    I've done several 6 to 10 hour smokes and it does require refueling.  Without the water pan I typically refuel when half the fuel is used, about 3 hours.  I haven't used lump yet.  Kingsford Competition burns too fast.  Kingsford Blue has been my go-to only because I got a bunch cheap.   Looking forward to trying Royal Oak as some time.

    Gotta get to work.  Be back later!
  6. Glad to hear all the positive feedback on the smokenator.

    Mine should be delivered tomorrow. Probably won't be using

    it for a while pretty cold in Jersey right now. I'm a newbie, only

    did a little smoking on a weber kettle a friend gave me towards the

    end of last summer. Looking forward to learning and experimenting.
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    Ed B, the Smokenator equipped Weber Kettle performs like a champ in cold weather.  All the equipment operator needs is a little "anti-freeze" to monitor the Kettle!
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  8. got it, thanks
  9. I've been using my smokenator for the past 2 years.  I absolutely love it for holding my temps.  In fact, just two weeks ago, I won a rib contest out of 28 teams.  Three of the top five teams were using Weber Kettles, one had a smokenator as well...not sure of the 3rd guy though, but it is quite possible.  I'm getting ready to order my 2nd smokenator so I can run two Weber Kettles up against all those high dollar smokers. 
  10. hey all, its been a long time since I have posted. 

    I recently bought a smokenator for my weber performer. I can't say enough good things about this device.

    I feel like I have just discovered electricity. Now that I have had two smokers and three grills I can easily say this is the best money I have ever spent on my smoking habit. 

    Great big thanks to everyone who posted positive reviews for the smokenator. You absolutely helped encourage me to make a great purchase. 
  11. My smokenator just arrived will use it this weekend to make chicken or pulled pork. :yahoo:
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  12. I just got the smokenator for Christmas 2014. Already smoked a beer can chicken and it was great!. Any other "easy" suggestions for a newbie?
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    Congrats on the new addition to your Kettle! 

    Short smokes are best with the SN equipped Kettle until you get familiar with it.  Salmon, shrimp, or just about any fish is great.  Our favorite way to smoke roast salmon is to make a little boat out of HD aluminum foil, put down a layer of brown sugar, coat the salmon with olive oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, and some kosher or sea salt.  We smoke it with hickory or mesquite at about 230F until done, usually a couple hours to the point my wife likes it (a little overcooked), depending on the thickness of the fillets. 

    Store bought sausage is a piece of cake too (about an hour).  And meatloaf to an IT of 165F, usually 2-3 hours depending how big it is.

    Oh, and don't forget the Double Smoked Ham.  Way easy and AWESOME!  Same 2-3 hours to an IT of 145F.  I did my first one recently, using the WSM, but it would have been just as easy on the SN Kettle.  Pick up some cheap maple syrup, a pre-cooked and honey smoked ham, put the ham in a pan, coat the ham with the syrup, then lightly dust the ham with a little of the glaze that comes with it.  Throw it on the SN equipped Kettle then every half hour sprinkle a little more of the glaze on it, then lightly spritz it with something sweet, like apple cider or half-half syrup and water.  Just dampen the glaze.  It will harden like candy in layers as you do that every half hour.  My wife says we'll never buy a Honey-Baked Store ham again, this was better!

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  14. Thanks that looks awesome!

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