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  1. Here is a description of my DIY Smokenator setup. I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $75 on the real thing, so here's what I came up with. 

    $20 for a 22.5" Weber kettle on Craigslist.

    $6 tortilla comal from Food City in Tucson.

    I cut the old grill that came with the used Weber so that it would hold the comal straight up creating a wall between the coals and the meat.  The comal is made from pretty thick heavy gauge carbon steel.  I did ribs and chicken yesterday which received good reviews. Below are the pics.  I'll update results as I test it out more. I'd be curious if anybody else has tried this.  Ironically, I'm thinking about buying a Smokenator 1000 so that I can test the two methods. It cost $6 to make this thing, $26 total if you include the Weber kettle.

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    Omega3, as a Smokenator owner (it was a gift) I can tell you that what you did is EXACTLY what a Smokenator does.  It acts like a heat fence to encourage circulation.  I did something similar with my now defunct 18.5" Kettle only I used two fire bricks as a heat fence.

    Great creative use of the old brain noodle Omega3!
  3. Thanks for the reply and validation of my mod Noboundaries aviator. I looked at every picture and description I could find and came to the conclusion that the Smokenator was basically just a well fitting heat shield.

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