Smoken Meat Loaf

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  1. Smoken Meat Loaf

    My wife and I decided to make one of her home made meat loafs in the smoker. So we decided to share this with you. I have been reviewing a number of very helpful threads on this forum about preparing and cooking meatloaf and this prepared us for the process that follows. The following are the ingredients:

    ·       2lbs 90 per cent ground beef

    ·       1lb. ground pork

    ·       1lb. ground chicken

    ·       1 very large sweet onion 

    ·       1 green bell pepper

    ·       1 ½ cups of chopped celery

    ·       Jeff’s BBQ sauce – the entire recipe

    ·       3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

    ·       4 tablespoons Kosher salt

    ·       6 tablespoons of Yellow Mustard

    ·       4 tablespoons of Jeff’s Rub recipe within the meat mixture

    ·       4 tablespoons black ground pepper

    ·       1 ½ cups bread crumbs

    ·       4 eggs

    ·       Sprinkle Jeff’s rub on the top of the loaf

    Normally, my wife does not usually measure ingredients, so everything can be done to your taste. And, the mixing of the loaf is all done by hand.

    We used an aluminum foil pan like cactuskid did in this thread:

    I also perforated the aluminum bake pan the same way so that the grease would leak from the bottom. I then placed a larger aluminum pan on a lower rack underneath the meatloaf to catch the grease.

    We put half the meat loaf in the baking pan and indented the center while rolling up the sides. In the center of the meat loaf we placed 6 slices of provolone cheese and on top of that we added two cups of fresh spinach. We covered the spinach with 3 cups of mozzarella cheese. At this time, we put the other half of the meat mixture on top and shaped the entire loaf. The top of the loaf was sprinkled with Jeff’s rub and we placed this in the refrigerator overnight.

    The next day, I prepared the smoker (MES 30 inch with remote control 1st generation) to run at 240 degrees using apple, cheery, and pecan wood chips. When the temperature was at 145 degrees, I took another mixture of Jeff’s BBQ sauce and basted the top of the loaf. At 160 degrees, I removed the meatloaf from the smoker and the result is pictured here.

    This is the 2 lbs. 90 per cent ground beef, 1 lb. ground chicken, and 1 lb. ground pork.         

    This is one of our helpers, She makes sure that if something drops on the floor that it is immediately cleaned up.

    This is the meatloaf in the baking pan stuffed with cheese and spinach.

    Because the smell of the smoking meatloaf was so good, I had to station two guards to protect the smoker.

    Testing the temperature.

    The second guard took over. 

    Refreshments were required for the arduous process.

    Cheese and crabmeat ABT's served in the meantime.

    The finished meatloaf resting for 20 minutes, perhaps.

    One person couldn't wait 20 minutes to try the end result. 

    This was a great project. I assisted my wife in the preparation and she is assisted me in the smoking process. Great meatloaf! I recommend that you try and create your own variation of this theme. Your whole family will enjoy this. This is food that is good for the soul.

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    Man, everything looks great!  Very nicely done...Thanks for sharing the pics and the recipe.

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    Looks great, smoked meatloaf is fantastic and the leftover sandwees, drool!!!!
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    Very nice looks great
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      Nice post! That just made me hungry!


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