Smoken a Pork Loin 4.22 lb***** need advice

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokenhot, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. This is for a bday party tonight. its 2pm mst (Utah) . Weve done a few things on our Jr Treager, but want this to b perfect. We are either a lil over cooked , or alot over cooked. We bought a digital IT gaige to help us, which has helped.
    This is for a fam of 7, & another fam of 2-4 (so 4 adults, & 2 teens, the rest are lil kids) Do I need more? I akways over do it on food, so I thot I'd go lighter, but im thnking I may need another 3-4 lb loin.
    Also, from reading other posts, it sounds like I can count in about 2hrs to reach 140-145 temp & allow 20-30 min rest time.
    my question is, after I've allowed it to sit at rm temp for awhile (as suggested by many) & then putting a dry rub on it, which I've got a few to try, should I wrap it in tinfoil, & cook it the whole time at 225 until temp is reached, or just put it on the grill fat side up?/down? and let it cook that way? Is countng on 2 hrs for cook time, & 30 min rest period a good time guess?
    I'm just trying to figure on when to plan on eatinf, & times a ticken. I've already had itvsirting at rm temp so I can get it ready anytime now.
    Any suggestions, tips, helpful ideas on my SEVERAL questions is appreciated.
  2. pgsmoker64

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    First off, it sounds like you are going to need another pork loin.

    No need to foil, just right onto the smoker at 225 until it hits an IT of 140. Pull it and foil it for about a 30 minute rest.  I would keep the rub simple, just salt, pepper, onion, and garlic to keep from overpowering the delicate flavor of the meat.  Also, a great wood for smoking pork loin is apple if you have it.

    Good luck,

  3. I agree with PG, but I would add a small pile of bacon strips to the top.
  4. No need to let your meat sit out sr room temp. You are just putting it at risk of being in the danger zone.( 40 *-140* in under 4 hours.) the 4 hour clock starts as soon as you remove it from the fridge.
  5. seenred

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    Great advice by all the foil, 225 smoker. Should take between 2-3 hours, and I love Cam's tip on draping some bacon over it! This really basted the loin in bacony goodness. When I do this, I put fat side down, if no bacon, fat side up.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

  6. Fat side up, and bacon. :)
  7. thx guys I am warming smker up now. Just applied a lght rub, Idk about bacon. we did that once, I think we will mabe do one with, on without.... (sense. had to go get another) and I understand about danfer zone of leaving meat, espcially pork, poultry, etc. out at rm temp, but I'v read a lot of ideas & a lot hav said to just let it sit for a small while, b4 adding rub, but of course u don't wanna leave it to long. =]
    I'll let u know how it turns out. thx again!
  8. pgsmoker64

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    Actually, as long as you don't penetrate the meat by injecting or otherwise you should be okay allowing it to come to room temp.  Check with our experts like Chef Jimmy J, but he has told me this himself.

    Be sure to show us some q-view as a reward for all our great advice!!!  [​IMG]

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