smoken 100 lb hog on propane smoker

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  1. I have a 6ft by 3 ft barrel smoker have smoked many things but never a whole hog was reading some old post to figure out how long it would take anyone know temp steady 225
  2. hog is buterflied and weighs 100 lbs
  3. rbranstner

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    The correct answer would be  it's done when the internal temps reach the correct levels but as far as giving you a time line so you can plan your smoke won't be any help there as I have never cooked  a whole hog. I'm sure there will be plenty of members that will drop by and help you out on that but you can also do a search on "whole hog" on this site and you will probably find a bunch of good reading material that will help you out.
  4. sam3

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    I think you need higher heat. You want to get the IT of the hog to 140 within 4 hours.

    I roast mine with charcoal (La Caja China Box) and I can do an 80+lb in @4 hours. That's to an IT of 157 or thereabouts.

    I'm sure some other guys that use gas can chime in and help you.
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  5. can go to a higher heat on other post they said 225 to250 about 10 pounds per hour
  6. It's gonna take a while....internal temperature is the key....Almost as long to kill the hog....[​IMG]
  7. danmcg

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    I've never done one before but I don't think it would take any longer then it would to get the hams and picnic's up to temp. I'd stay with your 225 temp and slow cook it.
    How big do ya guess the shoulders or hams are?

    I was just looking around on the net and read where someone got 2, 15 pound hams of a 160 lb pig.
    yours weighs about 2/3 that so maybe 10-11 lb's.
    If you gave yourself an hour and a half per pound that would be 15 hours smoking the (hams the thickest section ) and everything else should be done before them
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  8. ak1

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    Not necessarily.  You need to get the exterior 1/2" to 140 in 4 hrs. We treat the hog as whole muscle. Now, if you're piercing the surface that changes things.
  9. sam3

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    Thanks for that clarification. I didn't know that.

    Like I mentioned above, I butterfly mine and roast it. Never did a low and slow one before.
  10. ak1

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    I've always had it roasted on a spit. I think I'll try smoking one to see the difference. 
  11. boykjo

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    250 to 275...... I tend to go to the higher end................100 lb  pig should take about 8-10 hrs
  12. okay piggy made it home now for the rub 
  13. Ill go ahead and try it at 250 see what happens going to use dry rub and inject with lemon garlic and balsamic
  14. danmcg

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    If you inject it you cancel out the 1/2" 40-140 rule and you're back to the internal temp being above 140 in 4

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