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  1. When I purchased my home I inherited this smoke house. I don't know much about running it but I am trying to do something with it, I tried some sausage in it and would like to do lots of different stuff as well. I am using lump charcoal for heat source so far but I would like some comments recommendations on what and how to use this thing.
    These pictures aren't great but I have built one large rack that is the size of the smoker so I can adjust the height away from the heat or closer depending on what I want to smoke and then I just use dowel for hanging sausage. I live in Canada and when I was smoking the sausage the other day it was -12*C and I had it at 110*C inside the smoker. Charcoal is a pain to use but I don't think a propane burner will work when I want to get the temps higher. Any help or advice or comments would be appreciated.
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    Wish I would have inherited one when I bought my house. I think a propane burner would do the trick or maybe next summer add a side burner.

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