smokehouse just for links and sausages?

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  1. just wondering,is the smokehouse just for smoking links and sausages? or can you cook a brisket and ribs?  is it worth the money compared to a UDS to build a smokehouse?
  2. rstr hunter

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    I would have to say that would depend.  If the smokehouse can maintain a 225 temp for long periods of time, then I suppose it could be used to do briskets and ribs, however most smokehouses are built for a more "cold smoking" type of smoke where it won't hit that temp no matter what you do. 
  3. fftwarren

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    yea, my smokehouse is just for sausage, tasso, bacon, hams etc.

    It just doesnt get hot enough to cook brisket or anything like that
  4. mballi3011

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    I have a small version of a smokehouse and it's just for sausages and bacon and things like that.
  5. cowgirl

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    I use my smokehouse for cold smoking..,.my other smokers for hot smoking.  You can't go wrong building a drum though, I really love mine and wouldn't trade it for anything. [​IMG]
  6. thanks everyone for your replies. so i guess a smokehouse can be used both ways!!
  7. pops6927

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    I use my smokehouse for everything.  I just did some polish sausages yesterday, took about 3 hours to bring to 160° and it purred along at 225° on 2 of the three burners:



    I've done ribs:



    Turkeys and Chickens:






    Buckboard Bacon:



    All cooked to internals of 160° or greater.  The smokehouse is capable of 280° easily with all three burners going and can go as long as you want, cooking to any internal temp desired (160° - 210°+), it's up to you how much you want to spend on propane.  I can get about three 8-10 hour smokes out of a tank of gas, at $18 a tank that's $6 for a smoke and you can load about as much as you want.   I just did polish sausages in a 3 hour smoke:


    and they turned out great with no grill or burn marks at all, just hung 'em off the smoke stick.  A smokehouse can do a lot!  Mine is powered by a 35,000 btu burner from Northern Tool:


    it has a center ring burner, a left side burner and a right side burner so you have plenty of choices on how to regulate your heat, plus valves to fine tune with and I've added a needle valve to the pipeline too.  I'd highly recommend a smokehouse!  If you don't want to hang your meat, you can toss a grate or two (I use them from our oven) on the sticks and smoke ribs or brisket or anything else, and between the meat and fire I have drip pans on metal bars too:



    keeping any grease out of the frying pan holding the wood chunks.  I will cover the aluminum pans with aluminum foil so I don't have to throw out the pans, even laying more over them to catch wider drips like when I did 4 slabs of ribs:


    It's the best thing I ever built and more versatile than a horizontal!

  8. gersus

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    With using the propane burner do you have much trouble getting the temp you want and maintaining that temp? Looks like a great build!
  9. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Sir. I have used mine to smoke just about every thing in a variety of sizes, largest being just under 23 lbs in one lump mass.

    and at the same time cooked out a 16 lb prime rib.

    your goal is to bring it to temp. after smoking.

    or cold smoke for 4 to 6 hours then crank up the heat slowly until you reach the meat temp you want.

    if your unit is capable of hanging a varity of or racking out multiple items then you will need to have temp probs into each item,

    i have 6 monitors at at this time,

    which helps make sure my ;house isn't opened any more ofton that it has to be.

    make sure you remove them at the proper times.

    which could variey widely on mass,

    if you over cook it you may as well give it to your dogs. 

    as most of us beginners can contest it is a lot of trial and error.

    my moto is if you gut it smoke it[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. shoneyboy

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    I'm so jealous; I'm at a loss for works !!!!! Great looking builds............
  11. nepas

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    My smokehouse is just for sausage, hams, and such. You dont want to exceed 180* anyways.

    My lpg usage before i went pellet fired.




  12. pops6927 ------ love your hooks where did you get them or did you make them?

    that really adds oppertunity for volumn.

    if you don't mind i think i'll see if i can get our shop to make me some just like them.
  13. nepas

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    Those are called bacon hooks or hangars. The others with the bags are ham net hooks.

    Sorry for answering for pops
  14. Pops6927-------- Awesome looking smokehouse!! Would like to build one for myself. Would you mind sharing the size dimensions of it or any other advice you would be willing to share.


  15. sprky

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    I envy all you guys with the Great smoke houses. My wife will not let me build one, keeps saying why on earth do you need another smoker. I'll just bide my time and she'll go visit daughter or mom and I'll not be able to go and I'll start building one. of course I'll be in the dog house for awhile but I'll get my smoke house.
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  16. geerock

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    Heys Pops or anyone else,

    I have to build one of those things.  Already have the pad and box built but I'm wondering what is the lowest temp you can be and still produce smoke with the burner in the smokehouse.  I'd like to avoid the exterior firepot, as I have other things to do small cold smokes in.  Just want to be able to stay real low.   Thanks in advance. 
  17. dry ice and a bucket of water (cold smoke)

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