smoked wings

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  1. Rinsed off in cold water.


    Cooking away in the UDS.

    Rub: Brown Sugar / Garlic Powder / Paprika & Cayenne


    Just out of the UDS


    I made an Orange Marmalade Chipotle Sauce for them...AWESOME!
  2. flash

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    You able to get them crispy in the UDS? Look great.
  3. yes, they come out nice!  If you like them crispier, dip them in milk and mix flour and corn meal (about 80-20) dip them in the flour mix and throw them in some hot canola oil.  So far they been crispy enough right out the uds and I did'nt want to risk drying them out.  Everybody raved!  They are awesome that way!
  4. I love smoked wings.  Some say to crisp them on the grill but I prefer to flash fry them (a local cajun joint does them that way and win best wings every year) ...but the admiral likes them directly off the smoker.
  5. smokinal

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    They look delicious!
  6. flash

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     Nah, like ours nekkid. I finish them up on the gas grill if I want them crispy. All that breading fills me up to quick and I can't eat more wings. [​IMG]

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