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  1. Has anyone ever smoked wings to temp and then thrown them in the fryer for 1-2 minutes to crisp up the skin?  Just wondering what the downside would be or if this is a good option.  Im looking at doing wings at the same time as tri tip and ribs and I know from past experience that wings at the lower temp dont get a good crisp to them.  I want the good ol smoke flavor so just frying is not what Im looking for. 
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    People do it all the time. Flash fry after smoking. They throw them on the grill too to crisp the skin......dont forget the q-view

  3. Awesome.  Thanks.  I didnt think there would be any thing bad about it.  Just couldnt find any info.  Thanks. 
  4. I just completed two batches of drumettes. The first I put in a salt and water brine, the second was an apple juice, salt and brown sugar brine both overnight. Rinsed and shook in a bag of olive oil and salt and pepper on the saltwater brine and the apple juice I Rinsed and used an Applewood rub shook in a bag. 3 hours at 245 in the 30"MES using Jack Daniels wood chips and then 5-10 minutes under Broil. according to my 20 year old and 10 year they said awesome. The Apple brine ones had a hint of smokey apple which my wife said she loved. I like them dry so no sauce was added during the cook. The 10 year old used the Apple jelly bbq sauce I made the night before which I tried as well and I was very happy with the results.
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