Smoked up the BBB yesterday.

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by shtrdave, Feb 9, 2014.

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    I started last Thursday with the boneless butts and a few pieces of boneless country style ribs, Brined them in a modified Pop's Brine. I read in someones post that they cut back on the sugar and added molasses, I cut back on the white sugar and added about 1/3 cup of the molasses. In the bucket for 9 days and then took out and soaked and fried a couple pieces. dried it off and put in the smokette for a little over an hour at 100° then shut it off and put in my AMNPS with hickory dust, had a difficult time keeping it lit, messed with it for a few hours, then used the RSI with some oak pellets. All in all it was in the smokette for a little over 7 hours. Took it out cooked a few more pieces and then into the fridge before slicing and packaging today.

    After the soak, trying a little

    out of brine before the smoker.

    Out of the smoker.

    Sliced up and ready to be packaged.

    While just like my previous attempts it doesn't taste exactly like bacon but it is close enough. We will do this again, looking for a deal on boneless pork loin for some canadian bacon next.

    thanks for looking.
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    Your BBB looks great! The belly meat is the only thing that makes bacon that taste like bacon. BBB is very good but not the same like Canadian bacon is very good but not the same. I like them all.

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