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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by itsmechris, Apr 1, 2012.

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    I am looking to smoke a whole turkey for Easter. I have a fresh (never frozen) bird I will pick up on Thursday. My research for turkey smoking has seriously got me more confused than before I started because everyone seems to do it differently!

    I will be using a Masterbuilt electric smoker (once I perfect it I will use my charcoal grill).

    Specifically I am curious about temperatures and times, and what to do with the skin. I have smoked a few chickens in the electric smoker and the skin is often rubbery and inedible.

    Thanks for all help!
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  3. I have done several bone in turkey breasts about 10 pounds each. I highly recommend the slaughterhouse brine recipe. I brine and inject. On my Masterbuilt electric the temps don't seem to be high enough for crispy skin. A ten pound bone in turkey breast takes me about 5 hours to smoke at 240 degrees. I pull it at 160 degrees then foil and rest an hour. Turkey breast is pretty critical on internal temperature. I like to pull at 160 degrees. 165 degrees is borderline too dry. 170 degrees turns the breast in to soup meat.
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    Thanks for post.

    BTW, Semper Fi to Andrew Carpenter! I was a Marine back in the 90's and I feel for the guys today going into harm's way.
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    Thanks Chris! I'll pass it on!

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