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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bhcsmoker, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. I will be doing my first turkey breast tomorrow.

    this will actually be my first smoke after doing all the modifications on my smoker.

    I have a half bone in Turkey breast thawing in the refer.

    We usually buy a full breast and I split it in half use one and freeze the other. 

    a half breast is usually plenty for the two of us.

    planning on a rub probably just SPOG and some butter and maybe some poultry seasoning.

    what temp should I smoke it at? internal temp? approx. time?

    I have seen these temps all over the map.

  2. smokinal

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    I don't know what smoker you have, but for poultry I run my smoker at about 250-275. We don't eat the skin so I'm not worried about crispy skin. Carefully slide your hand between the skin and the meat & put butter in there. We also put garlic in there.I would then smoke it in a aluminum pan on top of a can of chicken or turkey broth with carrots, onions, celery, & garlic. All rough chopped. Dust it with Montreal chicken seasoning. Take the breast to 158 IT. Take out of smoker & leave in pan with juices until the carryover cooking takes it to 165. Strain the pan juice for your turkey stock for the next smoke, or make gravy with it. Approx cook time is only a couple of hours, maybe 3. Hope this helps, Good Luck & let us know how it turns out.
  3. SmokinAl


    My smoker is a MasterBuilt Model # 20051311 Propane Smoker. which I think is just a step down from their 30". 

    Ill give your recipe some consideration. The butter under the skin sounds good and your poultry seasoning was what I had in mind. will a lower smoker temp yield a less crispy skin? and also I'm sure a slightly longer cooking time.

  4. mneeley490

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    Many electrics top out at 275°, mine included. So if you have a propane smoker, by all means go 325° or more. Turkey and other poultry don't have the tough connective tissues, so there really isn't much benefit to cooking low and slow, unless you are trying to get more smoke flavor into the meat.
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  5. mneeley490


    I was hoping to get some tenderness /  juiciness  as well as some smoke flavor. I was unaware of the meat makeup although that makes since. I am mainly a beef and pork guy and this will be the first time trying a turkey breast in the smoker or any kind of outdoor equipment for that mater usually in the oven indoors. BTW I'm planning on using apple wood for smoke.

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    For moister bird brine it and smoke at the higher temp.Butter under the skin and rub all good.Post some pics of it.I love the flavor Pecan adds to poultry.


  7. here is a pic. of the bird ready to go on the smoker
  8. smokinal

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    Can't wait to see the finish!
  9. Guys

    ok 11:00 she's in the smoker running about 275*-300* I guess I'm going to have to do another mod to get the temp up higher now.

    and I was worried about getting too hot [​IMG].

    I put some apple juice  in the water pan. and apple wood in the chip pan.

     well we will see how she comes out. wind blowing pretty good today 15-20 mph. 50* outside.


  10. here's a pic. of the smoker wit all the mods. so far

  11. she's resting quietly
  12. one eyed jack

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    Looks pretty good.  I think that I would at least tent the breast for the rest and probably wrap it in foil and a few old towels, and stick it in a cooler for a while.  (1/2 hour at least).

    Let us know how it turns out.


  13. what the in side looked like

    what's for dinner.

    I did tent it for about 30 minutes after I took the pic.

    It came out moist with a hint of smoke [​IMG].

    the boss says I can do it again [​IMG].

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  14. one eyed jack

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    Looking great Jim.  As long as your eaters are happy, your doing good.  [​IMG]

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