Smoked Turkey Breast for the 4th!

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    So, anyone that's followed my post know that i just hate doing the "usual" thing for holidays and what-not.  So this year for the 4th, I decided to do up some smoked turkey breast. I picked up 2 frozen turkey breasts on Monday night, and stored them in the garage fridge to start thawing.  They mostly thawed by Thursday evening, so I helped them out in a sink full of water for a bit, to make sure they were ready.  Over night Thursday I put them in brine (from SM newsletter 11/14/2013). It has definitely become my go to turkey brine for smoked turkey (thanks again Jeff).  Friday morning got them ready for the smoker. A quick rinse then coated liberally with Jeff's Naked Rub.

    Ready to go in the smoker:

    I don't like to probe any meat until I hit the 4 hour mark, but these were fine with temps @ 152 @ 4 hours.

    Here they are ready to come out of the smoker and get wrapped @ 161 degrees:

    Temps drifted up to 167, so all safe and ready to eat.

    Sliced it up and had some for dinner, VERY moist, and tasty, and even got a good smoke ring on it:

    And now the money shot!

    The stuffed peppers were pasilla's, the beans were spicy beans from The Pioneer Women web site, and the BBQ sauce was Bilbo's from this web site.

    BTW, the beans were AWESOME!!, real basic, bacon ends, pinto beans, 2 chiles, 1 red bell, one sweet onion, garlic, tbl chili powder, salt&pepper.
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    I love smoking turkey. Great job.

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