Smoked Turkey breast, etc. Q-View

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  1. This is primarily a turkey breast smoking Q-View, but there are a few other things mixed in here

    11.5 pound turkey breast.

    I cut the back and rib bones off of it so it lost about 1.5lbs.

    From those back and side scraps I “knife skilled” off a pound of meat for sausage.

    Seasoned and ground it up.(cant remember the seasoning right now, this was a while ago and I'm just getting around to posting this)

    Used the grinder cleanup scraps to fry a test patty to be sure it was good

    And it I went ahead and Foodsavered it to git-er-done

    Roasted the back and rib bones and other scraps that didn’t go in to the sausage for making turkey broth. I used the rest of the smoked breast carcass for that broth too.

    In the pot it all went with typical broth veggies

    I took the skin I culled that didn’t stay on the breast for smoking and roasted that to render the fat for schmaltz.

    After filtering off and putting the turkey fat in the fridge for future gravy and such, I seasoned the skins and roasted for another hour in the convection toaster oven for some turkey chicharrones! Half of them are already gone here!

    Nothing goes to waste in my kitchen. Seasoned with my own version of Cajun/Creole seasoning

    Pulled the breast skin back, seasoned with Chef Ken’s Cajun/Creole seasoning because I just happened to have made a fresh batch. (I can provide the recipe if interested, it’s a tweak on Emeril’s Essence).

    Seasoned the underside/cavity and then pinned the skin back on with poultry truss needles.

    Then in to the smoker at 275 for about 2.5 hours. Rotated and smoked for another hour, and at about 3.5 hours it was already pushing 170 so I yanked it.

    The wet spot on top is because while resting I turned it breast side down so the juices would settle in the breast meat.

    Skin back off

    Here’s the breast broken down off the bone with the bits culled from the nether regions


    I decided to go ahead and thinner slice the meat I wanted for sandwich meat by hand because the breasts were so ready to fall apart I worried it would crumble trying to use a slicer after refrigeration, plus it was one more task I could just be done with just using a chefs knife. This was a long day.

    I sliced more thickly towards the ends for the dinner plate cuts for food savoring/freezer packs because those are the least perfect parts and the perfect center is best for sandwiches, and I had some juices in the resting pan I could introduce in the food saver packaging to amp up the flavor and moisture in the package.

    We are still eating on it here and there. It came out fantastic and as moist and flavorful as any turkey breast I have ever had or made.

    Oh yea, while I was at it...I also knocked out some country style ribs...but that's off topic and I've actually already done another Q-View on another smoke of those...but what the heck...I had the pics.

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    Looks delicious!

    Points for using every piece of meat off that carcass!


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