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  1. Just smoked my first striper. Not bad at all for a novice smoker.

    Heres what I did.

    Basic brine.

    3/4 cup of Kosher Salt

    1 1/4 cup dark brown sugar

    3 bay leaves

    2 qts. water.

    Mix all together and heat until dissolved. place in fridge until cold.

    Add your striper. I used the skeleton cut in 3 equal pieces. (no head) Fish was 35 lbs. or better.

    Brine for 4 to 5 hrs.

    Remove from the brine and pat dry. Either let them sit on plates in the fridge overnite or on a counter for 3 hrs. with a fan on.

    I use a 2dr. MBP smoker. I line the water tray with alum. and fill with water. I use my 12" tube smoker and fill it with hickory pellets.

    Light up the tube smoker and let it burn for 10 mins. on a low rack abouve the water rack but to the left or right side. I then spray my rack and add the fish to the rack. Mean while I set up my Mav 732. I only use the box probe for fish.

    I get the temp to 190 to 210. I ran this one for 2 hrs. to be safe but 1  1/2 to 1 hr. 45 mins. would be better depending on thickness.

    I did do a apple juice spritz 2x on it. I remove it. Let it sit on a counter  to cool then wrap in plastic and right in the fridge. Once fully cooled I pack in my food saver bags. They go in the freezer and the one I'm going to eat stays wraped in plastic in the fridge for the nite. The next day for lunch or whenever Its on a plate with a good beer.

    I will agree that overcooking it will make it somewhat jerky but if you don't mind it you won't be disappointed either. When its close to where you think its done take a fork and give the meat a pull and if it flakes like you like it then its done.

    P.S. I do trim the red or dark meat out as much as possible.
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