Smoked Silverbrite Steaks & Great Amaranth & Vinho Verde!

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  1. Happy Friday Great Smoky Winos! And here's to today!

    I mopped some Silverbrite salmon steaks through grapeseed oil, layered them onto a grill grate atop my little gas smoker with some hickory chips at high heat for 13 minutes and they were so soft!

    The skin was spectacular as well!

    A pot of amaranth grain with fun things tossed in - tomatoes & peppers & elephant garlic - and then a sprinkling all around of a mixture made up of fresh dill, green onion, elephant garlic, black pepper, avocado oil, and lemon zest! WON-DER-FUL!

    When plating I used pink Himalayan sea salt and all was lovely!

    And, because the flavor and texture of Silverbrite reminds me more of the Alaskan white salmon in some ways, I paired it with some crisp, dry, Vinho Verde and it all was delicious!

    Thanks for sharing in my lunch! And happy weekend! Cheers! - Leah
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    Wow!! Looks perfectly cooked and your plating, as always, is spectacular!! Love to hear more about the Vihno Verde.
    I'm still recovering from last night's Jamaican jerk chicken. I fooled myself into believing I could still handle Habaneros. I was so very, very wrong. 😄
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  3. Thank you Andrew and how funny on your peppers!!!

    Sounds ALMOST as good as a night with Old Blind Willy O'Shea!

    Happy weekend to you and yours!!! (Am planking salmon with friends tomorrow and it should be sensational)!

    Cheers and warm wishes, Leah

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