Smoked shrimp using Chef Jimmy J's fahita marinade

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    I've smoked shrimp now a few times this year & we have really been enjoying them. I like the recipe I've been using real well, it involves butter, garlic, Old Bay & a few other things. The taste is spot-on. That being said, I'm always looking to try something new, so a few weeks ago I posted a thread here asking for different ideas on doing them. It didn't take long before I had several helpful SMF members chiming in with some great ideas. The first one responding was Chef Jimmy J with his recipe for Fajita Shrimp using a marinade he came up with. It looked interesting, I had everything on hand (a big plus for me-I hate having to run out for stuff to make ONE thing) & I needed something for lunch While my 10 lb pork butt is going all day long for supper.

    I made the marinade, got the shrimp in it & refrigerated it all for about 45 minutes. I put them in the smoker, along with my pork & let them go about 45-50 minutes with the hickory/apple woods combo I had going. My buddy stopped by for a minute & when he saw what I had going on, he decided to hang around to give them a try.

    I have to say I am very happy with the final product! The marinade came through real nice & the flavor was great. It was a totally different way of making shrimp than I had ever done before. I have to admit, I'm not much of a fajita fan in general (I don't really like peppers much), but HAVE always liked their flavor. This recipe gives me the fajita "flavor" I like without peppers. I'm sure there are a ton of things I could do with these as a main ingredient or adding to a sauce or something but we stood outside & ate them right there. They were just too good not to. I had promised the wife to save her some of these & I'm proud to report that I DID stash a half dozen away for her & she should really appreciate it, as it wasn't easy to not eat ALL of them right then & there. Especially with all the peer pressure I was getting lol.

    So thank you Chef Jimmy J for the great recipe, it now is printed up & in my cookbook. I will revisit it again sometime for sure. It's great to add one more twist to shrimp.

    And now for the show-

    Putting the marinade together-

    Marinade ready-

    Shrimps going for a Fajita swim-

    Going in-


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    Very nice! I am happy you liked it. Feel free to share with friends and family or just be the the local Shimp Guru. [​IMG]...JJ
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    I appreciate the help, brother.

    It's a good one!

    Thanks again.

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    TW1, they look excellent, can't imagine they lasted very long ![​IMG]

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