Smoked Sausage and Baloney

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  1. After seeing Jeff's Smoked Sausage and baloney I knew what I was going to smoke for the carpenters and plumber at the house.

    We have had a few nice days of highes in the mid 60's and 70's during the last few days. I caught one of those day's to smoke up some lunch for the boys . As Jeff did in his recipe I used sausage and bought very thick cut slices of baloney ( setting # 20 on the deli slicer) Those were about 1 inch thick, Green peppers Yellow and Orange also I smoked those on the bottom shelf and the meat on racks 2 & 3. I put the sausage on skewers just to keep the pieces together. While the meat was smoking for 2 hours at 230 I cooked 2 cups of dry rice and mixed it with more peppers and onions that had been sweated with kidney beans and a can of corn. BOOM!  Red bean's and Rice.I used several tbs of Mike mills Magic Dust and a a couple of tsp of a mixture of Garlic powder onion powder with oregano and Black pepper. I cut and marinated the meat and peppers the night before.

    Peppers ready to go in the smoker on the bottom 

    Ready to roll

    Red beans and rice

    lunch for the boys

    Our dinner

    After dinner the wife and i decided that the large 2 and 3 bite chunks were to big as a meat item at dinner. They would be good as a party side item.,  I will use hickory instead of the subtle Pitt Masters Blend that I used and lower the temp to 225 and put more smoke on it to a total of 3 hours. All in all a great smoke with out the hassle of bugs.  Jted
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  2. Jted That is some fine looking stuff.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thanks,  I guess the Baloney was not a big hit with the guys on the forum. I guess when I smoke some Chicken feet for soup that won't be a big hit either. Oh well different regions have there own likes and dislikes.

    I was about 30 years old when I  first saw them in the meat counter in a country store. That was 33 years go and store is still in business. I  had no idea what they were of what they were for. I asked a lady behind the counter and did she ever laugh. Country folks don't waste much and know what is good.  Jted
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    Looks Great Jted !!![​IMG]

    I've been loving Fried Bologna since I was a kid, and Smoked is even better!!![​IMG]

    Nice Job!![​IMG]

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    Jted, what an awesome meal. Those guys are well that day. I love everything in it. You did great.
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    Boy howdy that all looks great and delicious, Jted! But #20 setting on which deli slicer? I hope to have one in my kitchen someday but all the in expensive home models seem to have problems per the reviews. Just curious as to what you bought.
  7. I don't have a nice slicer. The slicer that cut the meat was a commercial Hobart ( I think) deli counter slicer in my neighborhood grocery store.I sure wish I had a Hobart slicer.The larges cut it will make is a #20 that is about 1 inch.  When I buy regular Baloney to fry I get it thick cut at #7.
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    jted nice job on the food. I would eat that Baloney even if it was knife sliced yummy.Did you cook the beans and rice separate?

  9. Hi, I cooked the rice by itself I also sauteed the onions ,peppers ,garlic and threw the beans then the corn at the end When it was cooked I mixed it together with the spices and then the rice.

    This gave me something to do during the smoke.
  10. Now I know what I am going to try out next!

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