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Discussion in 'Fish' started by bigtrain74, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Back in early October I took a trip to upstate NY to get y fair share of King Salmon from the Salmon River. I came home with more fish then I know what to do with! My buddy's father took a trip up there a few weeks after I did and was not as lucky as I was. So needless to say my buddy did not get any fish from him old man this year. So it being the holiday season I told him I would smoke him some Salmon. It is really a win-win for the both of us! [​IMG]

    I made a few different flavors for him. One I did naked, the next was a garlic & herb seasoning, and then finally a Cajun seasoning. (sent to me from cajun smoke)

    I cleaned the fillets and seasoned them...

    Threw them on the GOSM using hickory chunks...

    Then they came off... A bit of advice for this. Try and spray a non stick coating on the rack otherwise you will get salmon chunks rather then fillets when they are finished...

    Of course it was not all for him! The wife snuck a few pieces here and there too.
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    Looks good BT74.
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    Thanks a lot! I'm sure he will like it.
  4. ha I know just what your saying about spraying the grates. The first time I smoke salmon the bottom 1/4th of the fish was glued on. Looks like it turned out good though!
  5. Looks great [​IMG]

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