Smoked Salmon Steak Platter Paired With Rose Vinho Verde!

Discussion in 'Winos & Wood Chips' started by leah elisheva, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Well happy Sunday to all!

    I loved the sparkling Portuguese wine, "Vinho Verde" so much yesterday, and it's affordable and available here in droves; that today I got the rose version and smoked up some salmon steaks, dusted some great goat chèvre in herbs de Provence and made a decadent and filling platter!

    Now I smoked the steaks on high heat for 20 minutes with some hickory chips, and the skin was off the charts AMAZING though the meat overlooked for my liking despite it being soft still and also having so much flavor and aroma and being terrific when pushed against the platter items too and paired so well with the sparkling Rose!

    Next time I would smoke it less however - 5 minutes less. But, that's how we learn right? It still was lovely!

    Thanks for sharing in my Sunday brunch; and make your day delicious! Cheers! - Leah

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