Smoked Salmon Pizza

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    I finally have found a recipe of my own (ish) that I think is good enough to post here...

    Last night, I smoked some pieces of salmon with alder wood chips and bought a block of inexpensive mozzarella that I cut up in fifths and smoked for about an hour. 

    After refrigerating overnight (a fairly important step, particularly for the cheese), I made a pizza on my Weber mini-kettle with red onions, fresh basil, and garlic-infused olive oil.  The BEST dough recipe (not mine) and grilling instructions below for those (like me) that had never grilled a pizza. For those that have, the above is probably enough info to run with!

    Dough recipe (courtesy, Serious Eats - makes two pies):

    3 Cups Bread flour

    1 Tbl Sugar

    2 tsp salt

    1 1/3 tsp instant yeast

    2 Tbl Olive Oil

    10 oz. lukewarm water

    Mix dry ingredients in food processor with dough hook. Slowly add water and oil while pulsing. Once combined into a ball, process for about 15 seconds more. 

    Take out of processor and knead on liberally floured surface 3-5 times. Split into two, form into balls, cover with a little olive oil and place into separate plastic bags for at least a couple hours and as many as 48 (if you want to make a big batch and freeze some, let rise in the fridge a couple hours, then freeze). 

    At least two hours before cooking, take dough out of fridge. Form into round pie shape (lots of advice online for this) but DON'T TOP!

    Get grill nice and hot.  Place oil (garlic infused is great) on one side of raw dough and place directly on grill (no stone, no tin foil). While cooking, oil the side facing up. After about 60-90 seconds, the underside should be toasted (but not charred, this is the top of your pizza).  You should move the pie around a bit after 30secs to keep even heat on all parts. 

    Now flip the dough. Place another light layer of garlic oil (or garlic and oil) on the dough and top with thinly sliced red onion, salmon, fresh basil, fresh tomato, and the smoked mozzarella cheese.  Place the cover on and cook about 90 secs-2 minutes.  At this point, it's a balance of not burning the bottom while waiting for the cheese to brown. 

    That's it!  Of course, it's pizza so top it however you'd like.  But this is a great summer treat so you can have pizza without turning on the oven. 

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    Looks great and super demo! Bet a little homemade crumbled bacon would add some flavor too!
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    Great looking pie there! We have a place that does a smoked salmon pizza that is fantastic! Nice write up! [​IMG]
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    Nice!! Looks great!

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