Smoked Salmon in cedar paper wraps

Discussion in 'Fish' started by smokinvegasbaby, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. no worries - I only use cedar planks or cedar paper wraps.  I am going to try the cedar paper wraps who knows just might turn out pretty good.  thanks for the info SmokinHusker.

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    Do you have any pics of your cedar paper wrap? I tried a thin cedar paper roll thing for some shrimp that worked great but it caught fire right away because I threw it on the grill with the shrimp..

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish with your smoked salmon but I smoke fish a lot (mainly trout these days, 3-6 lbs) and I would just recommend brining them dry for a few hours and smoking them normally, without the cedar paper. If you want more details, search the forum or PM me and I have some recipes I can share.
  3. Yes I have pics of my cedar papers.  I use them all the time on my regular grill and they work just fine (with nothing catching on fire).   I have soaked my cedar papers in white wine, red wine, sake and bourbon for an extra kick and I have never had any problems - plus it really entertains my dinner guest every time I grill fish.  I don't eat fish but I make it all the time for my family and friends and I love hearing all the great feedback - I wrap myself a chicken breast or a piece of sausage. Just thought it would be great to try smoking fish with cedar papers for something different and interesting.  I have smoked fish without the cedar planks and cedar papers all the time and it's all attached.  Josie

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    Ah yes, those are what I used. Thank you for following up. Do you have an application pictures of your previous smokes or you salmon using that cedar paper?
  5. sure I do....I made these for my husband Jerry, our Pastor and his wife.  this night I also grilled rib eye and porterhouse steaks.....I soaked these wraps in white wine coated each fillet with my secret Dijon mustard sauce topped with chopped veggies, wrapped and grilled - served with more secret sauce.  They were enjoyed by all......Josie

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    Sorry for all the questions.. how'd you cook those? did you soak the paper? How long did you cook them?

    They look great!!
  7. no worries about all the questions - that's what we do on this forum right - ask questions......I cooked those on my preheated Char-grill (350 degrees).  I soaked the cedar papers in 2 parts white wine and a splash of water for about 2 hours in a baking pan. cooked the fillets for about 6 minutes per side because I had the sauce and all the veggies on top of each fillet. They turned out incredibly moist and flavorful.........that's the way we roll here in Vegas!

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    Nice Job, Josie!!!

    Looks Great !!!

  9. thanks Bear.  Repeating tonight - my man's favorite dinner[​IMG]
  10. my man requested Cedar wrapped salmon & veggies again tonight so here are better pics for ya  I was pressed for time tonight so I decided to cook my salmon a little faster (and hotter).  Soaked my cedar papers in white wine/water earlier today (for 2 hours), seasoned salmon and veggies with my seafood rub, wrapped in cedar paper and cooked hot and attached.  Josie

    cook salmon 6 minutes per side - try using a piece of aluminum

    cooking on the second side

    cedar wrapped salmon and veggies - served with mango wasabi aioli. 

    close up of my cedar wrapped salmon..... [​IMG]
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  12. [​IMG]  thanks.....
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    Mmmmmm Good! Reminds me I have to get my salmon cold smoked!
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    the salmon looks like it is cooked to perfection.....   You obviously have some experience and practice with this method...... Great job on the cook.......  

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    Nice, but what's happened about the original subject of smoking salmon in cedar paper?
  16. thanks Dave.  Yeah I have lots of experience in this method.  Really easy way to cook salmon. 

  17. I am still going to fire up my smoker this weekend and smoke a bunch salmon wrapped in cedar paper. 
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    Looks Awesome!!!

    Your Man is a Lucky Guy !!!!

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    Super Tasty looking meal there!!! Yumm!

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