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  1. I've been wanting to try this for a while and I finally got an AMNTS to make it happen.  This was a two part experiment, one was to do my first cold smoke, the other was to compare USDA Choice with USDA Prime.  I started with two rib eyes, one Prime, one Choice, both very close in weight (within .1#).  Some salt and pepper, into the smoker with the AMNTS smoking along with mesquite.  Smoked them 90 minutes, then refrigerated overnight.  Next day into a sizzling hot iron skillet.  Cooked them both to 132 degrees.  The Choice got there faster by a couple minutes and as you can see from the pictures got a little bit more dry and seemed to shrink more.  The Choice is on the left, Prime on the right.  They both tasted very well, the wife and I both thought the prime was still a bit better but it wasn't a blind test so it could be in our heads.  The Prime was definitely juicier and more tender but not by all that much.  For $4 difference per pound it's hard to justify that's for sure but if I was cooking for guests I would probably opt for the Prime.  One thing I do know, I'll be doing this again, the smoke on the steak was awesome, thinking about doing something similar now with wings, cold smoke, then fire up the burner to finish cooking them, then sauce ..... So much fun to play!
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    looks great fun to play around and do different things
  3. seenred

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    They both look delicious!  Great post...thanks for sharing!  [​IMG]

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    Both look delicious!

    Not to sound like a safety weenie, but remember this is raw, uncured meat and that tube smoker is going to generate some heat. Make sure of times and temperatures!
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    Thats not a bad idea to cold smoke em and then let them rest. I might try that soon. The prime steak looks awesome!
  6. No problem, love the advice and have been learning a lot here.  The box was at 37 when I started, hit 50.  The steaks started at 35 and hit 45 at the end of the process so I wasn't too worried.  Not going to work well when it's 80 degrees this summer.  Guess then we'll have to dip them in bleach or spray them with Lysol.  Yowza!  [​IMG]
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    put some rub on them. the salt will control the bad stuff for the little bit of heat you had. enjoy!
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    Love smoking Ribeyes!!!

    Any particular reason to use a frying pan, instead of a grill ?

    Thanks for the Prime-Choice test.

  9. Hey Bear,

    A friend of mine a while back turned me on to the iron skillet method, he was a chef at an independent steak house in Ohio.  They had a hot grill they cooked their steaks on to get that nice brown crust overall instead of just where it contacts the bars on the grill.  Now, those grill marks are pretty but they are also the best tasting part in many people's opinions, so if you can live without the looks of the grill marks you get a nice crispy crust on the whole steak.  The key is it has to be hot, though, like smoking hot, rumor is the restaurant is north of 600 degrees.  I am going to buy Grill Grates in the very near future (when the snow melts off the grill) though and just flip them to the smooth side for steaks so I can do them on the grill.  Mama will be much happier without the smoke in the kitchen.
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    OK, I just wondered----I often throw thin leftover slices in a hot pan to warm it up & get a little bubbling on the outside, but I never did that to a fresh on. With the weather we've been having, it's probably a good idea. I don't care that much about the grill marks, I just like the grilling flavor. If I really want some awesome flavor, I'll get my little Smoky Joe out. Then smoke 'em like you did, and finish over charcoal. But the weather has to be a lot nicer to get that little guy out.[​IMG]


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