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Discussion in 'Beef' started by dingo007, Feb 22, 2014.

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    Diggin' around my pit freezer I came across a wayward pack of Rib Steak that had migrated to the lower depths in an attempt to avoid being devoured. So I quickly hatched a plan...bilbo's rub for  a few hours......smoke to an IT of 115F, foil rest for an hour and sear on the grill. Here's a couple of pics;

    Rubbed and ready for the smoker

    In the smoker

    Pulled at IT 115

    Finished on the grill

    And the finished product....cooked to our liking, juicy and tender...Served with smoked/stuffed russets and bacon/garlic sauteed broccoli

    This is the first time i've tried to smoke a steak...although the steak was good, it could've done with more smoke. I was running the smoker at 225F which only gave it about 1.5hrs or smoke. Maybe next time i'll run a little lower to get a longer smoke time.

    Thanks for looking
  2. It looks good. I run my smoker lower with lots of smoke. Let it smoke almost 4 hours then on a screaming hot grill 700°  or higher.

    Happy smoken.

  3. disco

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    Between that steak and the potato, you obviously ate well. Great cook!

  4. bearcarver

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    ^^^^^^^^^^What he said.^^^^^^^^^

    Your plate looks Real Good !!![​IMG]

  5. Looks great!  Just a question, though.  Are these rib eye steaks?  I'm not familiar with the term rib steaks.
  6. reinhard

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    Realy a nice job on the steak!!! Also on your  sides!!! AJBert---a rib eye steak is boneless and a rib steak has a bone. Rib steaks are also called semi-boneless rib steaks at times. All are from the same cut, one is boneless and one is bone-in. Reinhard
  7. denappy

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    Great looking steaks and what a meal!  Well done!
  8. dingo007

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    AJBert...they are basically the same cut...In the US, Rib Steaks have a bone in...Rib Eye dont. In Australia Rib Eye has the bone in and the same cut with no bone is called a Scotch Fillet. I'm sure there are many more variations country to country, or even state to state.
  9. seenred

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    Hi Dingo...that looks delicious!  One of my favorites!  Very nicely done...[​IMG]

  10. raastros2

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    very nice!

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