Smoked Prime Rib on Weber Genesis Qvues

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  1. I just smoked a 6 lb bonless prime rib on my Weber Genesis gas grill. I made of rub containing 3Tbs smoked paprika, 2 Tbs, kosher salt, 1Tbs granulated garlic, and 1 Tbs black pepper. This makes enough rub for several roasts. I rubbed my prime with olive oil and then with the rub.

    I placed a drip pan with water underneath the far right grate and preheated the grill with all burners on high for 10 minutes. I turned off the third and fourth burner on the right side and turned my left burner and sear burner to medium. I placed an aluminum foil pouch of hickory chips on the lit burner flavorizor bars for smoke. When the chips started to smoke, I placed the prime rib on the right grate and inserted a Maverick ET-732 meat probe and grill temp probe. With these settings it was able to maintain 320-360F temperatures in spite of 50 degree outside temp. It took about 21/4 hrs to reach 120F internal meat temp. After 30 minutes of resting, I cut the prime rib for dinner. I have included my pics of today's events.

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    That looks awesome got to love the prime rib one of my favorites

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    That looks fantastic!

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