Smoked Prime Rib and Grilled Lobster for Mothers Day!

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    I asked my wonderful wife what she wanted for her mothers day dinner and she said, "Your smoked prime rib and grilled lobster". What a woman! I went to our local butcher and picked up a 6 pound boneless prime rib. I went to Sams Club and got three giant sized lobster tails.

    Last night I first injected the roast with about 2 cups of beef broth seasoned with a prime rib rub my butcher sells. I then rubbed the roast in Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder and pepper. I wrapped it up in foil and let it sit overnight in the fridge. The next morning I opened up the foil and placed it in a pan. I left the juices in the foil to keep the meat moistened.

    I set my electric MES to 220 deg and loaded the smoker attachment with chips. I put the roast in at 10:30 AM just before going to church.To help keep the roast from drying out I left the meat in the pan and juices for the first part of the smoke. I also filled my water pan. When the IT reached 120 deg about 3 hours later I removed the pan and smoked it on the rack to help develop a bark.

    I poured the drippings into a pan and reduced it down about half for the dipping sauce.

    Time to get started with the lobster. I found these truly gigantic lobster tails at Sams. They can be a bit tricky to cook on a grill but I think I have found a good way to do it.

    Get your grill started first. Lots of charcoal with a med high heat. While the coals are getting ready I prepped out the lobster. The way I do it is by cutting the back of the shell, pull out the meat and laying it on top of the shell.

    To do this I first had to release the meat from the shell on the top so I can get my kitchen shears in between the meat and the shell. Just find the edge with your finger and work it around to separate the meat from the shell.

    Cut the shell all the way back to the last segment. Do not cut the last one.

    Run your finger all around the meat to separate it from the shell. Once free spread the shell and pull the meat out, leaving it attached at the tail. Push the shell back together and rest the meat on top. Take a sharp knife on cut into the tail lengthways about 1/4 the thickness of the tail. Wash out any of the vein that might be there.

    Brush the tails with melted butter with garlic powder and lemon juice.

    Spread out your coals and place 3 large chucks of hickory on the fire around the outside. Allow the chucks to catch fire fully then put the lid on the grill do put them out and start them smoking. Put your tails on the grill away from directly above the wood chunks. Put the lid on and cook until almost done. You can tell how close to done they are by simply touching them. Once they go from soft to firm take them off. Do no overcook them! Timing is really important at this step.

    Now I brushed them with butter/lemon/garlic again and put them under the broiler. Not to close! The idea is to melt the butter into the meat and give them the slightest hint of a char. Trust me, if you forget them for even an extra minute they will be ruined so watch them closely.



    The prime rib is now at 135 deg and it is medium rare. I took it out and let it rest for about 15 minutes.

    It came out perfect!

    I hope you enjoyed my Q-View. The meal was fit for a queen! Happy Mothers day!
  2. All I can say is WOW! My mouth is watering. Very nice.
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    Great looking meal.
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    Incredible!  That looks absolutely delicious, Gary!  Very well done...

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    Great post.  Looked Delicious. 
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    Well thats real nice !!!!

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