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    My wife and daughter are Japanese, and although they both have a broad palate, I'm always looking for new ways to sneak smoked meat into our meals.  The other day, I was thinking that spring rolls/egg rolls might be a good excuse to smoke up some pork collar (aka money muscle), and I figured it must've been done before, so I checked on the web, and sure enough, Guy Fieri.  This recipe was a good jumping-off point.

    Of course, I actually smoked the pork rather than oven-roasting it.  I'm not a big fan of cabbage, but after reading the reviews, I thought I'd give it a shot, especially considering that cabbage definitely belongs in spring rolls.  I added a little twist to mine.  Instead of regular cole slaw, I mixed shredded cabbage with some homemade Alabama white sauce (a la Big Bob Gibson).  I found the recipe at, which is an excellent BBQ resource.  I could spend (and have spent) days on that site.

    I also added some Durkee's-style fried onions to the mix, because my wife loves them, and it seemed like a good fit.  I also chose not to add any red bbq sauce to the pork.  It was pretty good on its own, and I figured I could always add some on the side if need be.

    Basically, it went like this:

    Put a little egg-wash glue on the top edge of the wrapper, and added the pulled/chopped pork.

    Added shredded cabbage/slaw, then the fried onions.  After about 5 rolls, I realized it'd be better to add the onions before the slaw, because the crispy onions sometimes poked through the wrapper.

    Rolled it up.  Guy Fieri's recipe calls for a dunk in the egg wash.  I did my first few that way, but got a crispier wrapper without the dunk.

    The finished spring roll.  I served it with a bottle of red BBQ sauce and a bottle of ponzu.  My wife went for the ponzu, and proclaimed, "Now it tastes Japanese!"  I was fine without it, and thought it tasted like southern BBQ.  Exactly what I was going for.
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  2. Great Idea!!!  Those look delicious!!!

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    We have a smoked pork trio appetizer at work and one the trio is just like that. Kalua pork (Hawaiian pulled pork) with cabbage and steamed taro. The other two of the trio is smoked and then sous vide pork belly and our version of smoked Portuguese sausage.

    I can honestly say your spring roll looks better than the ones we make! Great job on those...
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    See what you I have to make this.

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