Smoked Pork Loin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by zach5483, Dec 14, 2015.

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    While perusing the local grocery to decide what meat I wanted to cook for a Christmas party, I find pork loin on sale for $1.36/lb.  Score.  It was cheaper than the current price of Boston Butt.  I ended up with about 10-11 lbs for about $15!

    So I brined this bad boy over night in a mix of salt and brown sugar.  it was too long for my biggest sheet pan.

    Then I gave it a good coating of my own butt rub, basically a modified middle Texas rub. 

    Here is my CGD going at it.  I smoked it at 250 for about 3.5 hrs on some hickory chunks and natural chunk charcoal. I pulled when it temped 150, then I wrapped it tin foil to rest. 

    Below is my final product.  Ready to be sliced up.  I like to slice it up on the bias, it looks good when plated...and all those pesky end pieces that don't match up to the rest have to be disposed of...burp.  It turned out great.  Everybody loved it.  We had a ton of food, potluck style, so I thankfully had a little left over for supper the night after.  I warmed up a couple pieces for my wife and I in a skillet, and it was fantastic as well.

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  2. That is a good looking piece of pork, zach. If you have never tried it, use the search bar to find the recipe for Mahogany Sauce. It will take your pork loin to a whole other level.

    Smoke it up
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    Looks real good !
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    Zach, looks very tasty !

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