Smoked Pork Loin with Mahogany Sauce

Discussion in 'Pork Sticky' started by dutch, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. texan

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    Should I post how I cook pork loin for the masses here or should I start another thread? By masses, I'm talking 100 people with all the trimmings?
  2. pigcicles

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    I'm sure it would be easier to follow your story in a new thread Texan. 100+ is a nice crowd. Give us the story and pics if you have em.
  3. texan

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    Can do....
  4. dutch

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    Texan, The best place to post that thread is in the "Caterings and Large Group Gathering" Forum. Shoot if it warrants it, I'll even make it a sticky post.
  5. lovinsmokin

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    Going to try this tonight/tomorrow...what is the best temp to try and keep the smoker at? (and about how long should it take?) I have the same, a 9 lb loin.
  6. ds7662

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    Between 225* and 250*. 225* would be better though. Don't worry about the time, worry about temperature. Smoke to 155* and foil.
    If time is a big deal though a ball park idea is 4 to 6 hours.
  7. nh3b's

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    I know I said in an earlyer post I wasent going to cook this weekend, well, this recipie has been stuck in my mind since I joined. I followed Dutches recipie and cooking methods to a tee and this really was outstanding! Especially that sauce!

    The only thing I did different was pull the meat off at 155. My questions are:
    What does Dutch mean by "Tent the meat with foil"?

    I pulled the meat off the smoker at 155. I let it rest for 10 min and when I checked it again it was 145. I thought the meat temp rises after it sits.?

    Heres some pics
  8. ds7662

    ds7662 Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Tent and foil. Is basically wrapping in foil. If in a pan then you would foil the pan leave a little corner open. If this is done the temps will rise.
  9. nh3b's

    nh3b's Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Hummm, maybey I tented it wrong....I covered it in foil on the pan.....regardless, It was GOOD!
  10. I did the pork loin with mahogany sauce. It turned out ok [​IMG] but didn't have that pink ring around the outside as seen in the previous post. How is that obtained.
    The sauce was the big winner!!!


    Still a rookie trying to play in the big league.
  11. bertjo44

    bertjo44 Smoking Fanatic

    That's too funny. Sauce sounds awsome. Not too strange really, have used jams and jellies for sweet 'n' sour sauces before. Definitely want to try this. Thanks Dutch.
  12. pitrow

    pitrow Smoking Fanatic

    Tried the mahogany sauce yesterday on my smoked pork loin. Very good! Thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
  13. paddfoot

    paddfoot Newbie

    that was an impressive article, its great to know the science behind the finesse,
  14. I know Dutch's recipe's for pork loin, sausage stuffed and the one with Mahogany sauce have been on here for quite a while with spectacular results. We finally tried both out, with 2 butts and a few slabs of ribs. Dutch....the whole neighborhood thanks you. Here are some pics of the cook.
  15. cowgirl

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    reported this one...

    OK...there was a spam post right above me that I reported. lol
    Now it's gone.

    Kyle, your Qview looks awesome!!!!
  16. teleburst

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    I use both in mine, but I'll let you in on my little secret (already disclosed in the rub topic). Sumac. When you use sumac, it mellows out both of those ingredients. It seems to complement both powders because it's on the sweet side but still has similarities to the flavor profiles of both of them.

    It worked great for my Boston butt.

    If you PM me with your address, I'll send you some for you to try. I'd be interested in an outside opinion.
  17. Found it!! thanks!
  18. danelmore

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  19. dalton

    dalton Smoke Blower

    anybody tried this mahogany sauce with pulled pork??

    wonder how it would be?

    I am doing a luncheon for clients tomorow and was thinking of serving this sauce as an option


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